Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...or not, please smack me!

This morning I went out to drop off a piece of mail, overheard the low rumblings of a plane and cringed. My eyes rolled and I grumbled all of the way to Starbucks praying to God that someone would either pinch me, I’d find some kind of courage to quit my ‘job’ or hop on a plane myself.

It’s Fashion Week in New York, so the big question is, where are you? Stuck at home … me too. For the past week I have avoided Facebook because over the next couple of days I know it will be flooded. Dammit, I broke down and checked it. It’s beginning to blow up.

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I got invited to spend a couple of days taking in the high fashions, view gorgeous and intricately made garments and see all of it glide down a runway. And I sit in Chicago…waiting for text messages, pictures, anything as if it were the damn Grammys. Who says no to that!?! Tonight a talented man who is probably one of the more humble people you will meet is having his works showcased. If you are not aware of Raul Penaranda, you are missing out. He is amazingly gifted, hopeful of his fashions and sense of elegant style and a true beauty with Latin charm.

In all fairness, I did not say no at first and basically said ‘I will MAKE it work.’ The tickets had just about been purchased for the flights to get to New York, but I hesitated. When in the hell do I ever hesitate? Something in the back of my mind said double check with work. The adult speaking. There was a conflict, someone needed coverage…. I could not go. My heart breaks for missing this opportunity, but everything happens for a reason. For the next several hours I’m living vicariously through everyone who is there, thanking them as the texts roll in and the updates go up. Sorry Facebook...but I am going to be 'liking' a lot of pictures today!

All in all, it’s really me being stubborn and saying—you should have just walked out of your job to go. But the far more responsible (and annoyingly sensible) adult in me says it is okay. There will be another season and another invite to go. So for this morning, I’ll save face. Truthfully I am taking a break from my desk during the lunch hour to down a perfectly cheap bottle of chardonnay, chase it with Trident and getting on craiglist to either sell my soul or get some additional freelance work so there is no worry over additional 'work coverage'! The next trip will not get put off.

Okay, maybe not craigslist!

Ways to catch up with Raul:

Official website; Facebook; Twitter

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