Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sexy Sundays....

While us ladies are dawdling with our freshly manicured nails, there’s the other sex to think about. This one goes out to the fellas. I can’t even begin to comment on how many men I have dated that spend more time in the washroom getting ready for going out than myself or women I know, so who knows, maybe a mani and pedi may have been equally as satisfying. But not for today. Today is yet another simple feat that when worn, makes a dressed up look seem so casual and vice versa. It’s easy, simple and a crowd pleaser for yourself and for whoever you are walking toward.

The un-tucked dress-shirt

There are so many reasons that this look is an instant winner for sex appeal. The shirt appears classy regardless of it being wrinkle-clad—or just hanging out over a leather belt. It’s versatile. Whether it’s to wear a shirt with jeans or with dress pants, it works either way. Hands down, this is the most common look that I have experienced on dates and with partners. Some guys stay clear of fashions while others watch it closely. While most of the men I have gone out with are not glued to Project Runway, one must assume they are wearing the clothes for a specific reason. And to each of them it was always the same thing, they felt good in it. Granted, only one of the guys has ever actually said that out loud, the majority shrug off any questions and sit confidently snug in their chairs or walked with a clean stride. Body language indicator, regardless of the wrinkled mess from a shirt that was found at the bottom of a hamper. Clean or dirty—we don’t really want to know.

Unless you are David Beckham, I seriously suggest veering away from the half-tucked shirt because we can forgive him for any potential faux pas. It rarely comes across as stylish and more-so tired and lazy. With shirts of this kind, it’s either in or out. The un-tucked is widely acceptable, which honestly isn’t all forms of clothes acceptable. They’re material covering your skin, and to be blunt-this isn’t a fashion blog. This is merely stating the obvious. Confidence. A man who can wear his clothes with confidence wins that round.

So this now becomes a game to play, how many guys do you often see walking around that aren’t wearing jeans and an Iowa t-shirt tucked into the tops of the pants? Sorry, the Iowa t-shirt--all I can say is well welcome to the the locale of the greater mid-west. If anything it’ll be a fun game nonetheless.

I do partially blame the current writings for these little sunday missives. It's through them that certain characters are being crafted, so bear with me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Steamy sex and nano what?

November is quickly approaching and with that string of thirty days, comes a project that seems impossible yet completely capable. Nanowrimo.

November is the National Writing Month and what better than to have someone create a sort of push of sorts to see if one can pen out an entire first draft to a novel in that time period. Anyone who knows, this can be done, but is slightly difficult due to the many phases for writing. You’re dealing with: outlines, research, editing and simply finding the time to sit your ass down and actually write.

I am partaking in this madness for a couple of reasons. The first one being that I am currently half-way through a project that is taking longer than expected and is going for publication so most of my time is focused on that right now. Writing sexy kisses is not easy, no matter what someone tells you. The second project (intended for Nano) is a follow-up story that has been requested on numerous accounts and is itching to get penned out. Work has been unusually slow, and nightlife—well that is a whole other animal that won’t get tackled right now. Lately it feels like I’m racing in along the autobahn and there’s no offramps. It’s crazy, time is flying by, important dates are getting passed…and yet there’s always time for sitting down and getting a few things straight.

So far from what I gather, you have to get a synopsis up and running on the nano website and submit mini submissions throughout the entire month. This is something I have yet to do and thankfully there are 5 days left to complete. Eventually each submission get clumped together and wham, you’ve got (figuring the base amount of words) a completed by day thirty. All you need to do is get it to your beta or editor and you’re good to go. Easy, right?

Easy. Being busy is what gets me motivated, gets me all excited about finishing a project. Something I have faith and belief in. Did I mention what I have faith in? Oh, it involves kissing and a few naughty scenes. That-if done correctly, are not so naughty and more swoon-worthy. Which is exactly what I’m going for. I’m not a balls-to-the wall type of woman. No thank and you. I firmly take hold of the girly parts of me and like all things romantic. Flowers, holding a door open…making an apology in the pouring down rain.

Which brings up Nano. While I’m aiming to finish the ‘Summons’ novel by mid-December, it doesn’t qualify for this project. It’s a manuscript that is currently in progress and halfway done. Nor would I want to be rushed on this story because the characters and plots are flowing beautifully right now. I wanted something that could keep the momentum of writing up-regardless of either project.

That something which makes sleeping feel like a distant thought, and coffee a burning liquid pulsing through my veins as opposed to a glorious liquid that fuels the morning. So I’m writing for the free publication site and keeping the nerves pulsing for an entire month.

Officially embracing my inner ‘geek’ badge for this project, something that is few and far between but still…embraced.

Why do I think that the month is going to drag or I’m going to be reverting back to old tendencies and pulling men rather than waiting for substance? Because of the damn dirty side of things.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sexy Sunday....

Taking in a Sunday has always been part of some of life’s more decadent things. Things that don’t really get done when you’re fussing about during the working week, escorting kids from school to sports or dance, arranging meetups with girlfriends that you haven’t seen in four days…

It’s the little things that for a few short minutes, take us away and make us feel ultimately sexy. I love this. I am first to admit, Sundays are bonafide ‘Days of Luxury.’ This is no secret, so to devote a posting each week in response to this day, well it seems pretty damn fitting. To begin this, I thought really hard about some of the things that I do to primp and prune. Spruce to sexify, all to add a little extra bounce in a typically upbeat strut. So many ideas came to mind and for this week, it’s an obvious.

Manis and Pedis

How can anyone deny the time it takes to have your nails doted on to perfectly vanished perfection? It’s a hard one to debate. Imagine going into a nail salon for a pedicure, you walk in and are served champagne, ushered to a giant massaging chair and a bath of warm water that has floating petals. For that short period of time you can let loose and just relax. Forget about remembering to transfer funds from one account to the next covering the mortgage. Nope, not there. The atmosphere doesn’t allow it, the massaging of your calves won’t even suggest a glimmer of a thought of anything but silence.

What is it about having freshly painted toenails, whether it be the darker hues of the winter months or the neon (s) and bright pink (s) for the heated summertime? The first time I went and had a pedicure, I about died. I was that nervous nelly that looked like a deer in headlights. You want to dip my feet in what? Why are you massaging my back when my gnarly toes need a touch up?

Oh, but I would like another glass of champagne though. Oh that color looks good with my eyes, you think matching sets for my fingernails too?

Hook. Lined. Sunk.

{HAND JOB, San Francisco, CA}

Now, I am more of a pedi type of a lady and will always be the one shooting out text messages for a ladies day get together at a nail salon. It’s basically like meeting up with friends at a bar or getting coffee, only you’re being pampered in a different sort of way. Rather than indulging on the caffeine or that extra cocktail for the week-the budget gets forgone and you leave a salon feeling like a million dollars. A very sexy million dollars.

My latest obsession is Shellac. It’s an incredible process that allows the polish to last for several weeks. Imagine that! While your toes are rubbing in the boots (because lets state the obvious-it’s now boot season) the polish is staying nice and shiny. Perfectly un-touched. Slinking away for a manicure and pedicure is an instant mood booster, de-stressor and automatic given for making you feel a little more confident about what’s going on inside of the socks.

Staying in or going out, Sundays are a day for anything. And for this lady, it means to head out for an appointment in a couple of hours. With the cooler air, the deep purples with a touch of shattered glass are in the forecast.

Are you craving an appointment yet?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who needs blush?

Yesterday, as I was at the market picking up odds and ends and fully noticed that my lacy dress was completely transparent in the chest (and the fact that nobody had said a single word ALL day) got me thinking about when to spice things up, and when to shut them down. The last post got me thinking about certain things that get you feeling good about yourself, things that add a little bounce to your step.

Those little nothings that make you bring your very own sexy back.

For some it could be dancing to Katy Perry in the front room, wearing a pair of red stilettos—by themselves, or adding a little extra curl to a rather straight bob.

The other day I got a text message from a good friend asking what would look good with jeans. Laughing, I text back and said bra and panties. This of course turned into a serious texting match, eventually ending in a phone call and an outfit that ultimately got it in for a night. The lady was ecstatic. All over the small things that she never thought about that made her feel good.

So of course, then I started thinking about all of the things that I love that just add one more punch to the day. A pair of bobby pins, snowflake pink nail vanish, tanned skin….the list goes on and on. Looking at yesterday and that silly dress, I’m almost glad I didn’t remember that the lace trailed down a little more than expected. By wearing that dress, the red belt got brought out, which caused for a little extra glitter to be added to the eyeshadow and crafted a whole range of delectableness.

Everyone has their own preferences for what makes them feel good, and let me first say that lounging in a pair of yoga pants and a cardigan is way up there on my list. But even so, when it comes to making the cheeks a little rosier than usual or sleeping a little longer. Sexy is as sexy does.

There’s been a few ‘Themed’ blog topics but this one, I’m sticking to my guns and actually going to pursue. Because who doesn’t want to add a little spice to their step?

So with that, every Sunday I’ll be posting a bit of this or that on something that can add to this sexiness. God knows that by writing this novel, it is only fueling the need to cure a little bug that is biting me. Whatever the case may be, this will be fun. Exciting, and who knows maybe even a little informative!

I’m off to do a little research because lord knows, the first post has got to be good. I may have been slacking in posting which is natural when times get busy, but I’m motivated and excited to try something different. Who needs blush when you’ve got something else that will add a little color to your cheeks.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I’m sexy and I know it…or at least with heels and lipstick I can be

It’s October, and the detox is officially over with a capital O. For the past several weeks I have been going back in forth between spending more time away from my house and out with friends or just clearing the mind and trying not to sulk. Or to be completely frank--wasting the night away sipping one too many cocktails and forgetting my own personality. Because it was about regrouping and finding something out of your comfort zone (s). And that personality, is me, but she was hurting and needed to get drunk and scream. And eat lots of gelato that is now making crunches so much fun.

It’s over, and god only knows I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth. EVER. Everything is good, every day is filled and that is a sweet deal. Granted, this little period of getting back to ‘who you are’ felt like a refresher course for Calculus 405 in college, but still. It was needed for everything to be washed out of my confused mind. Which is the always present and never now ending theme.

And yet, here it is. The simple truths that are blinded behind everything and everyone around. They’re over, forgotten and forgiven.

Maybe it’s the fresh color on the hair, the tanned skin, or the red stilettos that seem to be attached to me right now because they scream ‘outrageousness is here.’ Whatever it is, it’s fully embraced and it’s about god damned time.

…or it could possibly be the writing that is amping everything up and building the excitement about potential freelancing. About penning someone else’s story which makes me not think and allows me to just go with the flow each and every single day. The chance of being able to quit a job that I do not enjoy and do something that feels right in my bones and makes my skin sing. I’m leaning toward the writing setting everything on fire. There’s no shame.

The other morning I went out for the day. Put on a cute dress, slapped on the purple heels and just went with it. Every day for the past few months, I’d been eyeing that dress, rolling my eyes at the shoes wondering why in the world it had not been worn in ages. Funk be bygones.

It’s understandable, and it happens. And you know what, you have to get over it. If you sit around and mope about it, time is still getting wasted and a chance at god only knows what could be slipping off in the distance. That dress was like a fire alarm going off inside of my head. This woman, she had partially joined the witness protection program. Though, not really because I’m not socially inverted and actually do go out, but things had been slipping off of the radar that are as much a part of me, as well anything else.

It was time. Time to clean out the wardrobe of clothes that hid a body that needed to shape up just a tad, dye the locks but steer from an emo-clad color and go with something a little on the sultry side. To wear the purple heels.

I feel like it’s been a serious complex of personal issues lately, and it has been because of reasons that will go unannounced on this forum. That’s for Dr. Drew to address and I’m still waiting for an available appointment. It is very hard to see all of the people around you and not judge yourself for your 'shortcomings' or acknowledging your accomplishments. Even so, breathing is easier today. It’s better than it was a year ago. It’s definitely easier than sixty five days ago and because of it, my heart is bigger and I’m saying adios to certain thoughts. Expectations that had quietly become my own. I’m saying goodbye to the lost hours and shouting a big hello to all of the time that lay in front.

So this is my last post on dating. On feeling down and out because honestly, a Kleenex and crappy made for TV movies can help this one. Crying with a box of sour patch kids in my lap and a crystal light stain on my lips. And taking a peripheral vision and turning it into tunnel vision and forgetting about the world that exists all around. A world that I am part of and am no longer missing out on.

Amen, to that.