Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland....minus the wonder!

So a little about me before all of this gets started. I am 29 years old and finally on the verge of getting comfortable and finding some permanency in this crazy thing I call my life. I tend to be a magnet for strange happenings that really aren't a big deal but to a certain friend they are, so at her request I'm writing about them since I'm in a new place I can't share these things with just anyone.

I went to college out of state to study Cinema and fell in love with the city I was in, but after I graduated I got hit with a major dose of reality and decided to stay near my family rather than move to the host state as originally planned. California is a mighty expensive place to live, and San Francisco as much as I love you, I cannot afford thee. Five years later, I was still living near my family, working like the rest of corporate america and feeling like I was going to go bald or go home from the stress. I was in need of a change. Badly.

Two jobs later, stress levels off the charts and money saved in the bank I was able to save up enough money to rent a truck and make the move back to San Francisco. No job, a seedy apartment...and no job. Not the wisest of decisions but that pull to leave the city I was in, and the horrible sounds of firetrucks running along the streets every fifteen minutes gets old pretty fast.

San Francisco or bust, we'll lean towards bust but that's okay. I love that city, I love the people and the land. What I don't love and what is so sad, the Bay Area has been hit with an epidemic. Please beware if you are considering moving. Ouch, it will take you awhile to get something for work. So here comes the soul searching time. The real itch to move yet again. Can I do it? Where do I go? Am I ready to settle down someplace and make this a permanent place to live? I mean this is not rocket science, it's not like I am married and have children but it feels like a serious relationship...

My boyfriend...the moving process.

Ten months into foggy San Francisco I decided I was unhappy, needed friends and mostly needed stability. I researched like crazy this time on good places to live, lifestyles, community and settled on Illinois. Never visited the state before, knowing absolutely nobody as all of my family live thousands of miles away. Why here? Why not, the city is amazing, the people are friendly and three months in I feel like I am getting comfy and cozy somewhat. Minus the job...but we're getting close to something so I'm keeping my fingers crossed with a prospect.

Anyways, that's me. My life is just like anyone else's, spending days drinking copious amounts of coffee reading the paper or clearing my blackberry, a glorious death kill for an alarm clock and spending way too much time in my kitchen with the sounds of hockey filling the front room. Which I forgot started an hour early because of the time difference so it's time for another distraction.

PS....I am still getting emails from jobs I applied for in SF from a year ago. Smart move!


  1. I love it. I think that is one of the most sincere and heartwarming introductions I have read in a long time. I can relate to a lot of the things such as the need for stability and permanency, but I am not quite at that point yet. However, I fathom that the stage of soul searching and choosing a place to live and settle down at lays right in front of me. Feel free to stop by some time, I came across your blog on KY's travel around the world Wednesday, and I am in love with your blog - from what I have seen and read so far!

    PS: You are one of the few people I know that actually live and love Illinois. . .doesn't happen often that people find a "home" there!


  2. @Rebecca:Thanks for dropping by! Everyone I know has rates this move like a soon to fail marriage I swear by saying they give this one a year two max. 5 months in and I feel like I'm coming into something that is bigger than I ever thought of.

    Haha-I hear horror stories all of the me I'm living in the prima madonna capital of towns! Bless. I'm hoppin' on over!

  3. Hi!! I'm a new follower from Social Parade.
    Great introduction. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  4. @Lala:Thanks for following the parade over! happy friday.