Thursday, March 24, 2011

So You Wanna Be a Designer

When a fashion reality show pops up on the television do you find yourself sinking into the couch waiting for the drama and bitchiness to unfold, anticipating what garment is going to be created and expected to turn the heads of everyone around?

This is so exciting I’m about to split at the seams….literally!

My dear friend has been working on a project for some time now and is doing something that many dream about and hope for in the fashion industry. She’s putting her eye for fashion and taste for style on the marks of a major production company and facebook and is launching a reality series…starting tonight.

…insert the not so shameless plug here…

Kenmore live studios and Facebook have teamed up with a one Ootra (plug..plug..plug!!) creative model/designer and created a show similar to Project Runway. It’s the first of its kind on the social media market.

So You Wanna Be a Designer begins an 8 week run tonight. It’s being streamlined live, every Thursday via Facebook. 6 contestants are followed and have to compete in becoming an experienced designer. On an eight week journey, these designers will go through the ups and downs of putting together pieces and shows.

What makes this series different from the other creative reality programs that are out there? Her drive that is for sure and I can’t wait to see her in action. The show revolves around a love of seeing beyond something ordinary and making it extraoardinary. Her concepts are inspiring as is her ability to be nothing but caring and yet remains daring to push the boundaries in creating something that will be incredible, all of this channeled and to be passed down to these lucky contestants. She will be hosting the show but really she will be guiding the contestants through this whole learning experience that could launch their career in a cut throat industry.

A bunch of us are getting spruced in our very best to watch the first taping at the studios tonight in support of our friend and then heading off for some serious celebrations which will be very much in order.

To see what really goes on behind a show of this size is pretty amazing and to see all of the blood, sweat and tears up close and personal. Well, bust out the popcorn because this will be the Thursday night nitro for the next 8 weeks.

Drama. Clothes. Competition.

The perfect equation for fat ass syndrome. Couch beware because an indent is going to happen!

So that’s that for a very simple morning…tonight while you’re automatically checking up on facebook, get off of the status updates and roll over to this link and see what the fuss is all about. So you wanna be a designer kicks off at 7PM CST

(click to enter the live studio, load the app and it should stream automatically)

On twitter, follow along for ongoing updates @KenmoreConnect, @ootragirl Or #sywbad


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