Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting down...and getting busy

I am writing.

I am writing a lot.

A very, no that's not right. One of my closest girlfriends is pregnant. This is probably one of the most exciting times ever right now, the lady is like a sister. We have gone through hell and back, laughs and belly laughs. (Okay, to be honest, the hell and back is so overrated. There was no hell, we laugh too much and life is too short) Booty shakes and last calls at the bar. And yet here she is, getting down and getting her mama on. I love this. Her husband is loving this. Her back is loving this even more.

A little bit about the Mrs. She is an RN, the minute she got credentialed she was assigned an overnight position in a major hospital. Night shift. I don't know if others are familiar, but working in a hospital is basically like working in a restaurant. Long hours of being on your feet all day. Throw in patients and you've got a handfull.

She has been placed on part time disability, which if you ask me. When a woman is pregnant, getting that has got to be a godsend. She and I were talking the other day and our conversations went from typical to really dirty. So very typical of talking one on one with your closest girls. She is basically a stay at home right now, she watches her bed to see if ripples move.

If she could drink, she would.

So in our conversation of her talking of boredom she mentioned my writing. And a thought popped up. A thought that turned into a request. That turned into a publication.


I'm writing a story for a friend right now. I've pitched this story and it's getting published.

Taking a big sigh of relief. It's a non-paid publication, but who cares at the end of the day.

What's important is that my friend gets a story to fill her day, rather than having her check a made bed 100 times over, she can read a story. Where this story goes, I don't really know. I started the outline over the holiday weekend, holed myself up in my flat and cranked out about 56 pages. Even after going to a wedding!

So here I sit, trying to whip out another thirty pages in the third chapter to get edited this weekend. Trying to finish this story up in the next few weeks so that she can have it.

Because she's bored. Because she's fabulously pregnant. Because she is my friend and I love her like family.

So for the past week that is where I have been, in a place stuck I don't even know where. It's 90 degrees outside and I think I'll take my notes out to the lake tomorrow and have a go with it. We'll see if thirty pages gets cranked out.

The about a football coach...and a teacher... She is an avid Seahawks fan. Seattle-ite even 2,000 miles away

I have to admit-this makes me cringe but it is what she wants so it's what she's going to get. Though secretly, I totally did not write in that team. I'll post a link up as soon as it's finished, edited and ready for business.

So that's where this not so blondie has been lately. Writing, working a lot, sitting out in the sun more and writing even more. Coffee is in there too, and Starbucks in town already makes my americano the minute I step in the door.

The shame.


  1. Well, I, for one, am glad that you're busy with your writing. My biggest issue is hiding from the natives in my life so that I can hide in my jungle and get all wordy-creative.

    Good luck with those thirty can do it, woman!


  2. GOOD JESUS, I have been busy. PATTY!!!! yay, is all I have to say for the moment.

    Okay, can I just say that writing a sex scene is actually more difficult than actually having sex? Is that TMI? Sweet jesus, I am not a romance writer! My friend is bored and I'm writing this epic short story, my poor editor. Thank god he's nice and can deal with my crazy grammatical errors, but still. You try describing IT without turning into something grotesque. Sweet jesus. I'm strugglling--but not ;)

    I'm popping over to yours tomorrow, it's been a strained couple of weeks trying to sort this damn story out and I'm missing some good Patty time! I hope you're doing well lady!

  3. Oh yes, writing requires a decent amount of coffee. Good on Starbucks for giving a writer what she needs! ;)

  4. @coffeerocket:I could not agree more with you right now! Decent-or a drip connected to your bloodstream. Starbucks is a haven, and I wish I could write out in public because it's so relaxing but I'm one of those...I pace, think outloud, pace more and suround myself in handwritten notes. Awful. But still, this story is getting better and better thank goodness.

  5. Why haven't I read this before?! VERY cool!! Meeeeessss you lady :) Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!!!

  6. @Texa: Hey oh..oh..oh! I know, I've been off of the grid. It's awful, terrible, ugh! I'm working on an update (but it is going to be a little..risque? the dilemma of writing)! I hope you had a super fab weekend, which of course you did! Gotsta love a sunny Monday!It's almost friday right? haha, so bad.