Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When a little bit goes a long way

How is it that something that could mean absolutely nothing to the person next to you, mean the world to you.

Is it a frame of mind that we live in, that allows us to see that everything has a particular beauty to it? Or is it simply an aspect of naïveté?

So many nights have been passing by where I have lost myself in the sea of the sunset, and the filling of the sunrise. Time is being filled with the people I have grown to appreciate more than words, and very little time is left for being quiet.

It’s a wonder when you do have a moment to sit back with a cup of coffee and think about the simple things that make you smile, make you remember why you got up in the morning.

Why you love where you are right now, today.

This is such a common theme around these parts, but I honestly think it’s very important to keep in mind the gratitude that got you to this day.

I have been writing a short story for my close friend, something that was such a simple treat for her. Little did I ever know; where it would take me. This story, as far from my own sense of writing, has opened the floodgates to other writers, editors, readers. It has been an amazing month of collaborating and communicating to a whole new range of people I never would have imagined. It makes me feel like this is exactly what I have always wanted to do…

Despite previous convoluted wishes that have swept through me like water—the non-profit organizations which is still a love, the teaching—still another dream for another day, the catering company—which is in the works. Call it confusion, or a loss of that feeling that you know will eventually find its way to you.

Regardless of the fact that this story is a side project, and not a lifestyle--it still feels right.

An email from someone I don’t even know, will probably never meet, has changed a perspective. Changed the way I am thinking about everything. I am not an easily swayed person, but because of words that meant probably nothing to them, brought the light to me; I’ve been swayed.

Why do the things that make you unhappy? Why not try to place yourself in exactly the place where you want to be? Where you know, in your heart of hearts—you deserve to be.

Life is too short for it to be wasted-hoping and wishing something comes your way. Why not put your feelers out there and grab what you are seeking.

Call it preaching, call it bullshit.

Call it whatever you want.


  1. This post so reminds me of an embroidery sampler I did as a teen-ager...."Dont Wait For Your Ship To Come In...Swim Out To Meet It".

    I can't swim; have spent much time standing on the shore, hoping and dreaming, watching too many ships sail into the horizon.

    You, my friend, are a swimmer and someone who was meant to enjoy their accomplishments, especially through writing.

    Lovely post, Morgan!

  2. Patty, how are you? I have been so far removed from this blog for the past couple of months. Did the wedding happen? Don't answer, I'm going to send you an email tonight!

    I love that saying, it's so true. It's been surreal lately and I can't put my finger on it. But it's pursuable. That much I know!

    I'll shoot you an email soon. I hope you had a lovely holiday :)

  3. ...for which I don't have!?! How does that happen? If you get this Patty send me an email:

  4. Beautiful! What a great post, Morgan. And glad to see you around bloggyland again :) Hey, you have to make the most of opportunities, whether they were in the planning or not. I love the saying "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” and this 'lucky' moment might just take you to some place awesome you could have never dreamed of. Excited to see what all will come next!

  5. @Texa: I was thinking last night, if I can write twenty pages--then I can write a post :) It's been absolutely hectic though, from work, new guy, to writing. Oye. I'm super happy you survived a weekend of multi-cultural celebrations! Thanks for the kind words girl--it's an interesting time and we'll see where it leads.

  6. I think the most difficult part is to acknowledge to yourself what you actually want. I often tell myself that something isn't quite what I should do... oh, that's difficult to explain, so let me give you an example.
    I am from Germany but I would love to live in New Zealand. I've been to university there and when I had finished, I had two options: either could I have stayed with a job searcher visa - or left. I decided to go back to Germany and look for a job elsewhere because my way of thinking was that I knew I loved living in NZ, but what if there is another place I enjoy even more? So I left NZ and eventually went to England instead, which I didn't enjoy at all... so now I'm longing for NZ, even though I could have stayed there right from the beginning. But now it's much more difficult to get back there because of the visa regulations and everything.
    So I knew what my heart wanted and yet decided on the opposite...

  7. @coffee:Yes-totally agree with you. It's not easy to stop and listen to your wants/needs and actually do it. It's ballsy-and not always 100% positive. You're in a tough snag, I'm impulsive and would find a way but with visas and trying to stay within legal boundaries it's difficult to say. This is almost exactly what I felt about when I moved back to SF. I thought it was what I wanted but the minute I got there it was a whole other story. But I HAD to get there. If you truly feel it--you've got my vote to get you back to NZ. A major plus--the scenery is amazaing there! A major plus about England--god save the queen :) You'll get to where you need to be soon enough!