Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sexy Sundays....

While us ladies are dawdling with our freshly manicured nails, there’s the other sex to think about. This one goes out to the fellas. I can’t even begin to comment on how many men I have dated that spend more time in the washroom getting ready for going out than myself or women I know, so who knows, maybe a mani and pedi may have been equally as satisfying. But not for today. Today is yet another simple feat that when worn, makes a dressed up look seem so casual and vice versa. It’s easy, simple and a crowd pleaser for yourself and for whoever you are walking toward.

The un-tucked dress-shirt

There are so many reasons that this look is an instant winner for sex appeal. The shirt appears classy regardless of it being wrinkle-clad—or just hanging out over a leather belt. It’s versatile. Whether it’s to wear a shirt with jeans or with dress pants, it works either way. Hands down, this is the most common look that I have experienced on dates and with partners. Some guys stay clear of fashions while others watch it closely. While most of the men I have gone out with are not glued to Project Runway, one must assume they are wearing the clothes for a specific reason. And to each of them it was always the same thing, they felt good in it. Granted, only one of the guys has ever actually said that out loud, the majority shrug off any questions and sit confidently snug in their chairs or walked with a clean stride. Body language indicator, regardless of the wrinkled mess from a shirt that was found at the bottom of a hamper. Clean or dirty—we don’t really want to know.

Unless you are David Beckham, I seriously suggest veering away from the half-tucked shirt because we can forgive him for any potential faux pas. It rarely comes across as stylish and more-so tired and lazy. With shirts of this kind, it’s either in or out. The un-tucked is widely acceptable, which honestly isn’t all forms of clothes acceptable. They’re material covering your skin, and to be blunt-this isn’t a fashion blog. This is merely stating the obvious. Confidence. A man who can wear his clothes with confidence wins that round.

So this now becomes a game to play, how many guys do you often see walking around that aren’t wearing jeans and an Iowa t-shirt tucked into the tops of the pants? Sorry, the Iowa t-shirt--all I can say is well welcome to the the locale of the greater mid-west. If anything it’ll be a fun game nonetheless.

I do partially blame the current writings for these little sunday missives. It's through them that certain characters are being crafted, so bear with me.


  1. Has your count reached above 1 yet? haha. I love this look on guys too. Too bad they don't often go with it.

  2. I know, right!? Why do they crap out? Never understood that...