Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who needs blush?

Yesterday, as I was at the market picking up odds and ends and fully noticed that my lacy dress was completely transparent in the chest (and the fact that nobody had said a single word ALL day) got me thinking about when to spice things up, and when to shut them down. The last post got me thinking about certain things that get you feeling good about yourself, things that add a little bounce to your step.

Those little nothings that make you bring your very own sexy back.

For some it could be dancing to Katy Perry in the front room, wearing a pair of red stilettos—by themselves, or adding a little extra curl to a rather straight bob.

The other day I got a text message from a good friend asking what would look good with jeans. Laughing, I text back and said bra and panties. This of course turned into a serious texting match, eventually ending in a phone call and an outfit that ultimately got it in for a night. The lady was ecstatic. All over the small things that she never thought about that made her feel good.

So of course, then I started thinking about all of the things that I love that just add one more punch to the day. A pair of bobby pins, snowflake pink nail vanish, tanned skin….the list goes on and on. Looking at yesterday and that silly dress, I’m almost glad I didn’t remember that the lace trailed down a little more than expected. By wearing that dress, the red belt got brought out, which caused for a little extra glitter to be added to the eyeshadow and crafted a whole range of delectableness.

Everyone has their own preferences for what makes them feel good, and let me first say that lounging in a pair of yoga pants and a cardigan is way up there on my list. But even so, when it comes to making the cheeks a little rosier than usual or sleeping a little longer. Sexy is as sexy does.

There’s been a few ‘Themed’ blog topics but this one, I’m sticking to my guns and actually going to pursue. Because who doesn’t want to add a little spice to their step?

So with that, every Sunday I’ll be posting a bit of this or that on something that can add to this sexiness. God knows that by writing this novel, it is only fueling the need to cure a little bug that is biting me. Whatever the case may be, this will be fun. Exciting, and who knows maybe even a little informative!

I’m off to do a little research because lord knows, the first post has got to be good. I may have been slacking in posting which is natural when times get busy, but I’m motivated and excited to try something different. Who needs blush when you’ve got something else that will add a little color to your cheeks.


  1. I don't think dancing with red stilletos listening to Katy Perry would be a good look for me. I'll have to think about what mine is.

  2. Elliot~Welcome! That would call for an interesting day! I will most definitely be going all out from both sides, male/female.