Friday, May 6, 2011

Daring to believe and follow a dream

Disclaimer: This is not a typical post, but more of a note for someone.

If you were to sit down and come up with a single word that drives your thoughts into motion, how could you answer? What truly inspires you to chase your dreams, whether it be working a standard office job, strapping on a red cape to be Superman-or She-Ra, a twelve hour shift at the shopping center or be a stay at home parent?

An answer that comes to mind was recently voiced by a ridiculously gifted and incredibly genuine designer that was part of So You Wanna be a Designer.


She said it so casually, almost wistfully, and yet you knew it could never be overturned. Something right in front of you or something so small you would overlook, everything that is out for our eyes to see is inspiring.

This is such an amazing way to think creatively, but even as a non creative, its a wonderful staple for life.

With model for a 'timeless' piece - Courtesy of Kenmore

Latonya Williams has been let go from the show. I was heartbroken, as was everyone around. From day one her drive and determination was so clear and contagious, there was no way, tears were ready to fall. She pushed and pulled from deep within to create pieces that pulled her creativity on all levels and broke past a comfort level of designing only to craft a realization.

She dared to follow, to be what her soul knew all along.


Watching her reaction to the result and then seeing her the next day, this is what makes her a breakout and someone to keep on your radar. It eases the feeling you once thought was heartbreak and turns it into absolute wonder.

She sees the purpose of her gift and wants to share that with people around her. Yes she was part of a contest, but talking with her today she sees.

She already won the contest. It was a contest of getting past GO. For grabbing hold of your hopes and fears, strengths and weaknesses and following the path you know is right.

For now, as she acclimates herself to establishing her fashion line there are no tears to be shed. Life is happening, dreams are being explored and inspiration is ever flowing.

Life and a true calling is beckoning.

I am ever thankful that I have a friend who opened her arms and embraced this show that has become such a part of my Thursday routines I have no clue what will fill that time come the end next week. This friend that extended the designers to her friends and family and that I got an opportunity to see within the past seven weeks what someone is capable of. Fashion is a work of art and that is exactly what I would define the designers that are part of such a raw and cut throat industry. They live, eat and sleep with a needle in their mouth and ideas spewing from their eyes.

Take a moment and be proud of who you are, where you've come from and know you can go anywhere.

Keep an eye out for Elizabeth Smith Fashions and follow Latonya on twitter to see where her journey takes her.

If tears are to be shed its for nothing but excitement and the knowledge of opportunity.

Latonya, you have a heart of gold and are an inspiration to those you have met, and will continue to meet. I told you before and I stand by it. You are falling into greatness that can only be yours. Now is the time. Following you beyond girl because you will make it happen! And I am totally getting one of your dresses the minute it hits Ootra!!


  1. Aw, well I am sorry to hear that she was let go. But I am really glad you reminded that your friend was on that show. Since we are back in the states now, I MUST check out this program. I hope you are having a good Friday and you have a great rest of the weekend :)

  2. @Texa:She has the best mentality about it, it was pretty great talking with her yesterday and seeing how calm and excited she is. How she can whip things together in 52 hours is still something to be believed! You should definitely check it out, the show's finale is this Thursday night on Facebook 7PM CST, you can vote via the Kenmore page that is linked up in the post.

    Here's the link for all the previous episodes that are on youtube see where they've all come and the how far the show has come-from a production standpoint.

    Right, I'd better scoot before the rain hits for a run!It felt so good to take yesterday and veg on the couch-lazy couch potato night! You too-lots of playtime in the sun, ya can't go wrong! I am so jealous of your pooltime.

  3. Hi, I found you over on the Weekend Wander link up! I look forward to checking out your blog =)

  4. @GGB: hey-oh! Welcome and happy saturday! Thanks for stepping on board.