Thursday, April 14, 2011

The blonde bids farewell

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

This blondie has turned to the dark side and it has been a long time coming. What started with a botched bleach out that turned into a comfortable lowlight to get back to the root of all evils, a natural color that had been hidden since my sixteenth birthday is having a tornado shift things up.

Last night, I said goodbye to the blonde coloring that has been, well blonde, for quite some time, and have since been warming to the welcoming of a darker hue.

Please pass the valium and sweet tea vodka (doing damage like nobody’s business).

*Note that this is a warming welcome.

My poor hair has gone through so many transitions, you’d think that whenever storm clouds (boyfriends) sweep through I would change it up just as often. Which actually sounds about right. From short to long, blonde to black, this head of hair has been around the block.

With things starting to look up for a change for the better, it was noted around me to take part of something that will make me look up for a change.

I’m stepping in for a makeover. Full on make-OH SHIT-ver.

This is so exciting, how in the world are these things happening to me, and how in the hell did I manage to snag such luck with this group that has created this idea. I am fiercely independent and cannot stand asking for help, even if it has to do with the simplest things such as figuring a good color for lowlights. Not gonna happen.

I don’t even know where to express this huge surge of gratitude to these women who have opened up to doing this makeover on me. At first I was beyond skeptical of it, how does this make me come across?

As a needy person who is in desperate need to get rid of the washed out jeans and NO FEAR t-shirts?(totally not the case but the bone was tossed and I’m rolling with it)

Is this how they view me? A straggler who mooches?

With the way I’m built, I will not ever allow myself to be someone’s charity case and I brought this up to a friend when she mentioned the start of this idea. She noticed things were shifting around me and beginning to pull together and wanted to do something. All of them did. And because I fit a demographic for a show she was putting on that I will be part of. Another post for another day.

This is the hardest part of me to accept, and it’s even harder for me to write about. I have not ever had friends that have been this considerate. Not like this. Sure we all have people in our lives that are there for us, will do anything for us. Yes I have a few close friends that are like that but not to this scale. I feel like I’ve stepped into a bubble of something that is exactly what I have been giving out for my entire life and for once it’s being given back to me. Karma, and it’s about damn time.

That came out wrong, not about time that I’m being a brat and saying Give it to me dammit! It’s just perfectly placed in time.

So this morning it’s out with the old and in with the new. The blonde has been well loved but this is a new time. A new place, geographically, mentally and age-ally….a complete morganism of a new word.


  1. Photos, please! This NY Hairstylist wants to put her two cents in on the finished, new you!

    I'm sure it will look fabulous!


  2. I agree with Patty, I would love to see photos!! :) Great post. And you are so right, about time you are getting some of that good karma back. I know how you feel at times. Ooooeee, can't wait to see the new you!

  3. @Patty:Oh Patty I will definitely post some for you-despite being anti photos and very non-photogenic and I'd love to hear your take so I'll post the before and after photos....sweet jesus!

    @Texa:If you could have seen any of it, they kept asking if I was going to cry. Girl they dyed my eyebrows. Whaaaat! I've got to go back in tonight for the final round so I'll get some photos and will do a whole post but am waivering to post until after the show on wednesday for when the entire clothes/makeup/hair will be in full scope. Total shock value but with substance.

  4. I would love to see pics as well! I am right there with you - I went through this phase, moment, craziness last summer when I said bye bye to the brunette - RIP you were loved - and went back to the lighter side of the hair-ness. I am basically an inside out version of you. Now, 8 months later. . the brunette is demanding a return, and I am not sure I will let it. Enjoy the new found darkness!

  5. I was blonde for so so long...I finally went back to my au natural brunette for my's growing on me! I would love to see your hair!!! Have a good day! Oh, I found you on FTLOB pledge!!

  6. @Rebecca:I say listen to nike-just do it! Hair is hair and why not look beautiful! That and you can always change it up/out if you don't like it. I'll have the stylist take one tonight and I'll post an update tomorrow but will definitely do a full on post once everything comes through.

    @Michelle:Welcome Michelle-I'm so happy to stopped by! I'm making a u-ee to cruise by you on my next break. It's funny how when you don't see something for a lifetime...or three months(I kid) it grows on us and changes EVERYTHING! Have a fantabulous Thursday too:)

  7. Photos photos!

    I went from blond to auburn and never regretted it! In fact, I am getting a touch-up this weekend :)

  8. @KT: Ooh, I can only imagine-auburn is such a rich a gorgeous color! Have fun at the salon, a little downtime sitting in a chair sipping some tea and coffee-spilling the beans about life. It's one of the finer things in life :)

    Pics soon!