Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little Coffee withdrawl and sleep deprivation never hurt

Before this mini tyrant goes any further I must first give many thanks to the busy working blood cells that pass so tenaciously throughout my veins and have stayed healthy for so long

When the shit hits the fan, it splatters. I'm a true aries as in its go big or go home, meaning the good, the bad and the ugly. Its safe to say that despite common colds good health has been on my side. I am healthy and treat my body with as much respect as handles aka lady jigs need respect and attention too so that oatmeal cookie that was tossed into the mix rather than a fried egg for breakfast the other day-Aretha Franklin concurs.

Unfortunately, I've taken the good fortune of a clean bill of health for granted as medical insurance has not been in my name since I moved from a land far far away. Until now, but wouldn't you just bet the luck.

Attitude is not a familiar trait, I'm amiable, friendly unflappable.

The bitch talons came out at the drop of a receipt the other day, and with that so did the knowledge of knowing something was wrong. Through the course of an evening, there was little sleep, intense side pains and mostly the constant static of my own breathing, which is annoying in the early hours of the morning.

A doctor appointment later we had touchdown. Thankfully an ER free diagnosis and a couple of prescriptions, or was it one?

Antibiotics, blessed pain reducing medications. Sorry big Three Oh well have to toast you after this round of bacteria ass kickers

A post it note. To serve as a prescription for no coffee.

If I had not been in pain and a member of the walking dead the note would have been comical. Instead I looked at the doctor and just told her my kidneys thank her. Secretly I put a hex on her in my mind.

When I think of walkin clinics I get anxious. The same feeling when walking into Goodwill or thrice hand shops, itchy neck, chills up the legs. I'm not familiar with the hospital system in the midwest let alone my area. What services do they bring to the table? Are there legal disputes against any of the hospitals? Are they legally up to code? Am I going to come back for a follow up appointment to find a boarded up space that was where they dipped my pee?

After working in healthcare and dealing with all of the things you don't want to know about, like how a facility can vaccinate 5000 people with a dead vaccine and fail to notify properly...scary stories you never wanted to know...need not ask!

...its understandable to get nervous. Which makes going to a clinic a challenge. But I'm never one to run and thankfully found a reputable one and am beginning to get back to a healthy non zombie like state. We're on the mend and so help me god I'm having champagne, strawberries and a hot bubbling bath tonight ringing in properly!

My hot date on a Sunday night.

Prosecco and suds. Glorious and a perfect rendition of the 'day of luxury.'

Lesson learned, first week in a new place know your 'emergency' routes. Blonde moment-no way! This happens to us all.

And so that is that, listen to your body if something seems off kilter. With food still not a fan favorite yet, its nice to be part of the living again and have to admit that being free from anything apart from the antibiotics and the bath was refreshing.


  1. um prosecco and a bubble bath sounds amazing. kinda jealous right now.

  2. Hi!!! Oh my gosh, I am glad you are ok. How painful! Nothing like a soothing bath to make you feel all better...oh and of course the prosecco :) And walk in ERs, so gross, I agree. They are the Goodwill of hospitals, what an awesome way to put it!
    I loved your comment yesterday. I am just getting around to seeing it (late night last night, whoops!). I hope you feel back to your 100% self this week and looking forward to more updates :)

  3. So many people (myself probably included, I'm not quite sure) take good health for granted... we don't realise how lucky we are when we're all healthy and in good spirit.
    Good to hear that you are okay and can enjoy champagne and strawberries again, though!!!
    Take care!

  4. @Jenni:Oh, it totally was amazing! I highly recommend it, apart from the whole UTI thing prosecco and strawberries. Swoonworthy.

    @Texa:YAY for your husband..and his numero uno fan! I would be worried if you hadn't had a late night sister. Fully back up in the go mode, thank GOD! Who wants to be a megawatt bitch when we don't have to be right! The whole kate and william thing, it's a total trainwreck..Lifetime made a movie. I hope you hulu it!

    @Sabrina:I agree with you 100%, it's someting that never gets accounted for. Health is a luxury not a commodity! I'll tell you this, last night I ate the diced strawberries and they were fermented slivers of gold!

    Happy Monday all!