Monday, April 18, 2011

Does this dress make my ass look big?

A weekend that was shorter than a yellow bus and a single machiatto but filled with outings that were longer than the nile river.

I noticed while running in stilettos to catch a train the other night that preparing for a night out these days are far different than yesterday.

When spending two hours taming a mane seemed all the normal, tossing on a beanie while rushing to make a reservation replaced style and seemed all the more sensible.

Riding the train felt like sitting amidst the confines of an old friend. The city.

My first love away from the love.

A love that runs true and deep and never fades.

A place that welcomes any visitor and extends solace around every city block, across each bridge, within each establishment.

Meeting a new group of people for a night out can make you hold reservations, what do you wear? How do you fix your hair and makeup? Leggings or dresses?

Sitting on the train, passing through each stop I didn't even reapply any makeup nor change from the dress worn for work. When getting ready for a night out used to take hours this night, this weekend of nights got overlooked and I went back to the basics.

Natural beauty bred through an innate sense of confidence. Through the knowledge that you are who you are, beauty products can add to the vibrancy but its the radiant glow of a winning personality and the 'all that you are is all that's necessary' that is all the makeup you need.

Common sense in blatant form, Maybe it was the group I was meeting with or this fire blazing within. Either way the hours before stepping out to pump up the volume were left in the dust. Is this new hair creating a new take on things?

Is the dark hue my very own 'sasha fierce?'


Getting ready was just something to do and I'm not a person who does things to prove myself but there's no denying that these changes fluttering about are shifting outlooks and re adjusting into new processes.

I love the now phone calls to friends for advice on outfits before dates, singing alongside Adele as I'm applying eye shadow and lathering lotion to ensure the ease of the silver bangles on each wrist because I like putting it all together. But also toning it down because deep down its all about the words that fall from our lips that is what's important.

Saturday night gave me a few hours for primping and I took advantage of it. The minute I started walking to the restaurant the wind hit and all that prep time drifted out along the lake right alongside the lake effect. My hair lost its curl.

While crossing my legs my heel stabbed the tights puncturing a whole the size of Texas and the group was all in jeans and t-shirts.

Was it a sign to go out normally and have things be what they are?

While the short dress may have made my ass worthy of a million dollar insurance policy, I'd take walking along the streets in those incredibly uncomfortable shoes smiling with the wind and the random passersby (s) feeling good in whatever regardless of spending 5 hours primping to 5 seconds smearing on some lipstick lopsided as the train stopped anyday.

Because it doesn't matter. So what if your ass looks fat or your breasts aren't pushed up far enough with that new bra.

All that matters is what you're feeling in that moment. Sweatpants or Prada pick your poison.


  1. Yeah! Love it. Whatever you wear, own it! LOL

  2. @LadyE:You know it! Rockin' what it is :)