Friday, April 1, 2011

When a conversation changes everything

There are few times when you can walk away from a chance meeting with someone and feel that while words were spoken and thoughts verbalized a door had been opened and you were exposed to everything that had eluded you for so long.

Walking along the streets last night with a group of people, this group that feel universal from this lifetime and the previous, I wound up staggering behind for a few minutes.

Taking in the antibiotics…and feeling the lethargy and that terrible swelling (that could have been from the stilettos!)

The true beauty of stone architecture that crafted several buildings along Michigan Avenue

The chilly night winds blanketed with a hint of the first warmth of spring

..and of course the conversation that changed everything.

While crossing multiple city blocks in search of a restaurant I fell into step with a designer’s husband and am without words this morning to the amount of gratitude this man has bestowed upon. Our conversation began as simple banter about nationalities and ancestral history and wound up to astrological history fueled by hearty laughter and an invitation for wanting more conversations.

As one restaurant to the next had waiting lists longer than the Superbowl ticket hubs I found myself captivated by this man and his story of creating something out of nothing but passion and living a life he once thought was the life to live. Only to have it all change in a single second. The chill of the night didn’t even pass through my sweater as he was telling me about how he and his wife met and the fact that their love is so apparent it could never be questioned. Compassion radiated from his eyes, vibrated from his voice and brought tears to my eyes.

Ambition filled his days and kept his purse padded, he swore against certain parts of life that others embarked on and he struggled or thought was needed. Ultimately he was living a life that was great but like using half of our brain, it was only half. It wasn’t until a chance encounter happened with him did his door open and a lifetime of chances and opportunities he never expected nor dreamed could happen, has happened and continues to happen on a general basis.

Always there for other people regardless of circumstances, I am the last person to ask for help, and will fight until the bitter end to make something work. For months I have secretly been asking for help, for guidance, for something to help ease this engrained fear that is inappropriately out of place. Yesterday and especially last night was everything anyone could ever ask for in terms of a personal present.

Having the opportunity on that stretch of pavement makes everything worth seem worth it. The moves, the juggles, the battles and the struggles. Knowing the group, and now this amazing couple, there is a tranquil pull deep inside that I am beginning to understand that they possess. Something that I posses as well and what has drawn me to them and them to me.

Accomplishments conquer the obstacles because had they not, this would not be a clear day. Last night would not have meant the same thing and everything would still be wrapped tightly in a grey cloud. Today there is new meaning, and that has been said before but it was said under a blind eye. Last night, just taking in everything from a phone call driving into the city, walking with the designer’s husband to dinner with friends had a purpose. There is peace with where today is and that is pretty wonderful.


  1. We all look for that peaceful spot in life, somewhere that allows us to get in touch with all that makes us special, that gives us validation.
    I love how you found that space during a walk and in sharing conversation. It's amazing how the right words, from the right person, can impact our lives in such a positive way.

    Have a wonderful week-end!


  2. you have a way with words.. i love the way you wrote that and you are soo right...

    i award you with a stylish blog award.. go check it out

    Xoxo Lisa

  3. such a profound day all around, kind of like-and this is going to sound reaching-something exploded and the universe said now you're ready. I hope you have a fabulous weekend too! Here comes the sun...hopefully, it did snow yesterday though!

    @lisa:Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot. And of course for the award, I'm popping over to yours now!

  4. Posting from a phone feeds frustration! Patty this is the top part of the response.

    You put it perfectly that I started crying because its so true. But these meds are messing with my emotions to, ha! But really it was incredible.

  5. Hi Morgan,

    I read this a few days ago and it took my breath away. I didn't have time to comment, so wanted to come back and tell you how much I loved this post. I've actually thought of it several times since reading it.
    So few people are lucky enough to have these moments, or able to slow down enough to recognize them.
    I can't say anything more elequent that Patty already did... I'm too pooped.

  6. I am just now seeing this, and loving it. Isn't it wonderful how life can sometimes give you the best opportunities and connections like this?! I agree with Patty and No.7, you are so lucky to have realized that this moment in life was special and to treasure and to cash in on it. Sounds like a wonderful evening.
    Was really just coming over to make sure I wasn't missing any posts. Hope you had a great week girl. And hope to see you around bloggyland sometime soon!! :)

  7. @No7:Thank you for your kind words, it truly is amazing how something so little said by someone can hold so much meaning. I have been meaning to get back to you because I've read through your work and need to leave some comments! I'll drop by later tonight

    @Texa:OH HEY OH! I have been part of the walking dead it's been awful. If ever in doubt, don't hold your pee in! TMI but you know from one lady to the next go go go! So apart from being part of the walking dead I've been free of the internet getting better but now I'm in need of a serious fix of some funnies.