Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting in the mood

After sitting with a friend getting a facial peel I found myself stuck in a snazzy backup of traffic that was at the helm of a crazy rain storm.

Before this goes further let's take another moment to thank the likes of dermaplane, peels and aestheticians. Because like Urologists, if you've got to look at something wrinkly, dry or gnarly all day they deserve the credit.

In no way is this a common theme in my life because give a girl a supply of proactiv and a gallon of water and were square, however as part of the show taking place tonight (pics tomorrow) from hair dye to facial scraping this was the king kong of weeks for certain transformations, and things U would opt out of withou having a winning lottery ticket behind me.

Transformation or improvement, this is still up for debate.

On the way out and waiting for a break to clear in the road a particular song came through that immediately turned me into an American Idol, the next X-Factor.

Music feeds the soul and god only knows where I would be had there not been a Britney song to shake my ass to while getting ready some days, a National song to slink into a chair lost in thoughts or a Joni Mitchell melody to nurse through a breakup or other unnatural catastrophe.

A good song is like a friendly companion. I've known this companionship browsing through record stores, attending endless concerts and hearing the melodic tunes for two plus minutes on the radio.

What is it about the lyrics that reaches us, that finds that place deep within and breaks us loose?

This song can go on repeat one thousand times over and will never get old. It will never leave an ipod playlist for my love burns strong for heartfelt words of what could be and what is left bereft.

And stardust but that's a whole other obsessive crush for another day.

So as I work the few hours this morning and head in to get made over for the finished product, a fashion show fueled by clothes, cars and good friends I'm left with the desire to listen to songs that get me in the mood.

The list is a mile long but will always start with a man of glitter and end with a golden voice and crystalline eyes.

We're all okay until the day we're not
The surface shines, while the inside rots
We raced the sunset and we almost won
We slammed the brakes, but the wheels went on.


  1. Words and Music definitely rule many moments in our lives.

    Today, a song from Crowded House is dancing through my head; especially this part...

    There is freedom within,
    There is freedom without,
    Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

    On my way to the office with a stack of paper cups sitting next to me on the front seat.

    Have a lovely Wednesday!


  2. a good song is the best companion. It is funny how they take us through our days!

  3. I love songs like that. You are so right, can play them over and over and they never get old. My favorite is how a song can take you back in time, to a particular place and memory ;)
    Cannot WAIT to see your pictures!!!

  4. @Patty:I love that!! LOOOOOVE it when there is so much in the words and how it just works itself out with you-kinda like the universe working in mysterious ways eh!

    @Googlover:So very true, I used to wander a record store in Seattle that IS what you just said in physical form.

    @Texa:Exactly-especially a completely random event or something that puts a silly smile on your face! Ugh, hungover hot mess today and will do a post tomorrow with pictures.

    **Forewarned-sooo not pic savvy**

  5. Music is amazing that way isn't it! I love it!

    I'm new to your blog! I found you through FTLOB and can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog as well. :)

    Simply Kate

  6. @Kate:Welcome, welcome. I feel like I have been so busy to not update so frequenty...but promise to have better posts:)I'm popping over for a visit once my desk clears up!

    Happy Monday