Monday, February 7, 2011

Challenge: Week 6

Lord help a girl out, we’ve hit the halfway marker and what happens. The effing snowmageddon. Thanks Mother Nature for this buzzkill!

This week was as inconsistent as inconsistent can be. The snow alerts started getting issued on Tuesday morning with the massive snowfall that literally took over the state of Illinois and said, “we’re shutting this mother down.” I got trapped in my flat, because:

A I’m blonde and forgot to purchase a shovel
B the snow plows were in high demand and didn’t get to my development until way late. As if that mattered, you could not get anywhere. Period.

Luckily I did make it to the gym a few times this week, not the finest and certainly not the most motivated. Getting stuck in doors you find other ways to get productive: text messaging. Lovely.

So rather than doing pilates in my front room I was cleaning, baking, texting and skyping. With whom…...a lady never tells and in this case I will but give me some time first.

As soon as the roads were plowed I was in it to gym it. This next week marks the latter part of the challenge and the real marker for getting down and getting to business. SAD does not exist anymore, hopefully there will not be any more snow advisories like this past week. It’s all about making the most of the next six weeks.

For the food: I openly admit that until I get pregnant or decide AA is the way forward, I will not give up wine. I am making friends, going out to socials, nights out, dates, etc. Passing up on wine or a cocktail was getting beyond difficult. So I’m going to work this one in but work out just as hard so it’s not damaging to the challenge.

For strength: Oye, this week blew hard. I was more focused on getting in serious cardio time when I actually made it into the gym. The need to feel the sweat trickling down seemed more satisfying for some unknown reason. However there is an abdomen bar that is prime for working the core muscles. You will feel the zing of hard work for the entire week in twenty reps. Thank you!

Favorite Exercises

You read right: this bad boy made the times I made it into the gym worthwhile. Yowza the burn in my tummy feels fantastic.

Lesson Learned

Mother Nature is a serious bitch with a massive grudge. Hard work pays off, there is no need to feel guilt if you are unable to make it into the gym as much or for as long of time inside as you would like. Take pride in the times that you step back and acknowledge your health and vitality. If the clouds close down, take it as a sign that a break is okay for right now and when the skies clear up, get back into the saddle.


  1. I have been lazy since the snow buried us too. i'm going to try zumba :)

  2. @Jill: Its been tough, Seattle shuts down when a snowflake falls, SF-rain causes closures! I def am still adjusting and am already planning a weekend getaway to sunnier states sans snow. Good luck with zumba, its super fun.

  3. Ug, sorry to hear about being trapped in all that snow. If you ever get stuck again and can't make it to the gym, check out, which features tons of full length workouts in a variety of levels and activities :)

  4. @Texa:I forgot all about exercisetv!! How can that even happen especially with a little diddy called the cheerleader bootcamp. I am marking this a favorite pronto.