Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day To Be Taken Advantage Of

Of all the times that you would want to get out and take a walk, to clear your mind, your sinuses, to get out and just breathe. You get stuck in a moment where you cannot leave. Physical or emotional.

A moment where you are trapped behind a bricked wall blocking your exit.

The snowstorm swept through this week and has shut everything down, streets in town are closed and filled with piled up snow that has been cleared off from the main roadway passing through. The sidewalks are crystalline, shimmering with each ray that the sun hits it with.

It is beautiful. It is something you would want to walk for hours along collecting your thoughts, walking and laughing with another person, enjoying the moment that you are in. All to experience this fluke storm and its leftovers.

One can only do so much baking in the span of a snow day and not be tempted to eat everything. I was desperate to get out, to sip freshly made coffee, to see other people equally as excited to have made it out for a break. I needed some excitement.

Something I have learned since this winter started, as much as I love snow and the cold weather getting stuck indoors for 48 hours is just insane. TV shows can only go so far, Bieber songs can only take you so far (ugh I caved and noticed one was kind of good). A girl needs to get out every once in awhile.

With Starbucks snowed in from the plows I boxed up cookies and spent the day with friends, snow or crazy roads be bygones. One of the ladies drank three week old opened wine, another munched on cookies and all I could do was think about a song that had been playing coincidentally in the car on the drive over.

"Making memories using my eyes
Filling up my heart with golden stories"Adele-Painting Pictures

All of us bored out of our heads each needed a break from the confines of something so simple. So familiar and yet we sat in someplace equally as simple and familiar. But we were together, wasting time laughing, completely free of being blocked of an exit.

As soon as I got home all I could think about was the next time this happens. What would you do in a snowed in messy situation? Cuddle up with a book? Rearrange your furniture/wardrobe? Try to break in a new pair of shoes? Here’s a compiled list that will be referred to in just this case. In no order of course!

10. Rent The Shining so you can stop feeling sorry for yourself. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

9. Go make a snow angel but bring a snow angel buddy because you really could get lost in all of that hubble!

8. Do you have spam in your pantry? This should be a staple for this scenario. Have a spam carving contest and see what you can create. A toilet seat? A laughing head?
Ideas are endless.

7. Video Texting/Skyping. Because phones are so blasé. This makes for a funnier time with the people on the other end because you know at some point they will be rubbing it in your face that they have to hang up so that they can actually go outside.

6. Make Howard Hughes proud and clean your house from top to bottom. With the airflow moving from the heating vents dust is just as trapped inside as you are. Grab the endust and get moving!

5. If you have a puzzle and are with someone, remove a piece and start putting it together. Walk away from the project several times and at the end be just as shocked that you are missing the piece. There went an hour!

4. Alphabetize the food in your refridgerator and pantry.

3. Balance your checkbook and then get online and make a purchase of something you desperately want but wasn’t sure you could do.

2. Whiten your teeth, because this step is easily forgotten with late nights, late phone calls, absentmindedness and whatever else that makes us forget about the pearly whites.

1. Be immobile. Find temporary residence on your couch in hot/yoga pants and call it a day and get comfortable. It is technically temporary.

So with that, the sun is shining brilliantly and the roads are cleaned so I KNOW Starbucks is accessible! Have a fabulous Friday.


  1. Cabin fever is the worst, but hope you are making the most out of it. And staying warm :)

  2. @Texa:Reality TV at its finest never gets old even when couchin' it up. Starbucks and the mall are calling out today, debit card watch out.

  3. I love your new layout!

    We are probably the only people in the US who aren't completely snowed in ... so no cabin fever for this girl! But I can relate, trust me. I watched an all day marathon of Million Dollar Listing yesterday because it was too cold to go outside (that was my excuse anyway)!

  4. We had a huge snow storm last year, and by day 3 of no classes I was going crazy. Cleaned my room a lot that week, I think. Haha. Happy Friday :)

  5. @HW:Thanks, with cabin fever comes patience for computer biz-meh! I was with you on the MDL but graduated into Jersey Shore. Snow or no snow, it was tv-licious.

    @Relevant:No doubt 3 days w/o classes, I would be bald and smell like cleaner too!

  6. I love those top 10~ they cracked me up! Hi~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and followed me too :) (My name links directly to my site)

  7. I finally organized my jewelrymaking supplies and setup a little nook for my jewelry! Yeah!

    I loved your post, it was great to hear about your homebound adventures. I go a little stir crazy at about day 2 and usually end up sleeping or eating to pass the day! Both really bad ideas!!!! That usually equals an extra 5 pounds!

    I am a new follower and found you at the FTLOB's Friday hop!


  8. @Wave:If you get an itch, you know where to turn to. Thanks for dropping by, I'm off to check out your blog out now :)

    @Cherie:I am jealous, my jewlery is a tangled mess. I applaud you! Lord, I needed to donate the cookies I baked otherwise I hear ya on the poundage. Yikeees!

  9. I have been going thru everything!! Stopping by from FTLOB!

  10. @TheRheinlanders:Welcome welcome!! Happy Friday :)

  11. Praise the Lord for Starbucks being accessible today! I was having major withdrawls. The sun felt nice as well.

    Don't turn me in, but I'm kind of looking forward to round #2. I'm weird. I liked my down time at home with no where to be.

  12. @jennykate:I would never turn you in...I moved to the midwest for this crazy weather so I understand completely! Although after spending a day getting slushed out in the city about drove me to reconsider a warmer venue next month.