Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hand Screened

Today I don’t have anything to really clean the closet out about so I guess that’s technically a good thing. But for good reading purposes, this epic dramathon can keep anyone company during this stretch of cabin fever.

Last night the clouds closed up shop and decided it was THE night for god only knows how much snow (somewhere around 20+inches). They made a very clear declaration to the land that I now call home and said this,

“Chicago it’s time that you got hit with this thing we like to call a natural apocalypse so we’re giving you a blizzard!”

…what a bummer I was wishing for the DQ too. Dairy Queen is closed for t minus 3 more months! (THANK GOD for Red Mango, where would a girl be without a little froyo??)

Stuck indoors, what do you do?

Skype with everyone you know? Check

Do a facial mask because let’s face it…this cold weather is chappin’ it up. Double Check

Watch a commercial that probably isn’t as funny but it really is deliciously enjoyable and with naughty intent. Oooh, yes please how did you ever know!

So for viewing pleasure, and if I was anywhere close to being an Executive I’d be checking out for a little jobby placing like nobody’s business! They have the tools and guides to make us irresistable…but in what nature?

I really want to say the girl sliding across the piano and fluffing her hair is my fav but who am I kidding. The guy sliding and crawling back across the table totally takes me back to Little Miss Sunshine. Rawr!

Happy Hump Day to you!


  1. I really don't envy you that bad weather. I feel we've had more than our fair share up here in the north of England! Take care.

    CJ xx

  2. @CJ:Last night was brutal but the streets are quiet and filled with snow! Perfect snow day in :)

  3. ha-ha, I saw this in TV the other night and cracked up! What in the world is our world coming to!! I do love the guy laying on the floor under the desk with the lady sitting on the desk next to him! Then the guy just hops over him like its totally normal for him to be lying there! Thanks for sharing!

  4. @CityGirl:I know right!!It ain't no thang, I just gotta go make some copies...This could easily be re-watched because it's so over the top. Faboosh.

  5. Mmmm...I love DQ!
    And Little Miss Sunshine is one my favorite movies :)
    What a crazy commercial-I needed a laugh this early morning :)
    happy friday!

  6. @lindsey:Happy Friday. The DQ is a summer staple, so good!

  7. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog :) And I will def be back often! Your recipes look amazing!
    This commercial kills me. So weird but so great. haha

  8. @young:Embrace the weird, it makes the day that much funnier!