Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where's the wagon?

Its official and this is totally lame. The past couple of weeks have been horrible and I fell off of the wagon big time for the Challenge. That personal statement went through the window with the Mt Everest of personal avalanches that have plowed over every part of me and kept the sunshine away from the glittery blues.

When I should have been waking up to go to the gym, I was just flopping into bed. Fat Man Pants and I became very loyal friends. And 5 am became a restful hour.

Rather than drinking a gallon of water per day I was slinking my stress away in a bath tub filled of hot bubble-icious glory.This is debatable about being bad.

I haven’t eaten a full meal for weeks. It’s been coffee in the morning and maybe some toast in the evening. Plus there’s been champagne and wine thrown in the mix without food. Such a big NO NO.

In other words, oh holy mess girl put your happy face back on!

To get out of the slump, there are some positives here right? Yeah, I’m working on finding this bad boy out. I’m thinking it falls somewhere in between creating a spa in my washroom to creating a spa in the washroom. It’s heaven and my skin feels silky smooth.

And don’t we always find more negatives than positive? I let mind over matter take over, however when your mind is cluttered with:

-Stress of finding a job
-Dealing with your family
-Understanding why people are blaming you for being thousands of miles away
-Trying to socialize and gain friends

It’s very easy to lose sight of eating right, working out, sleeping for more than 2-3hours and so on.

Bring on the Cankles. No really don’t but thanks for cheering for cankles!

Horrible and this is no pity party, it is what happened. It’s how I’ve dealt with the situations, and being aware of this will hopefully help during the next rough spell but who knows until that happens. Hoping never ever again that’s for sure.

While the Challenge is about to wrap up, there’s still 28 days left (in the initial 12 weeks) to regain some form of control and use that control in other aspects that have been affected. I’ve made a promise to myself to get into the gym when I can. A meal plan has been restructured to get back on course and I busted out the CD with city sounds to play during the night so hopefully that will get me back on track with a regular sleeping routine. You know you’re from the city when you miss the sounds of firetrucks and drunken people roaming the streets.

Rather than feeling depleted and guilt ridden over this I’m more thankful for the awareness of the behavior that sprouted. It’s been helpful in understanding how I deal with things which changed with the absence of core support.

Life happens and throws us obstacles, it’s a serious pain in the ass and aggravates me to no end that I’m stressed out over things I have no control over but I do have control over how these things affect me and how to deal.

For this next week a plan has been set and I’m sticking to it for eating right and working out but not killing myself over lost time. It’s a thing in the past and I’m moving forward, 28 days forward.

This is the way it’s going to be from here on out. For Life. For Health. For Sanity. For Everything Wanted.


  1. Haha, the title is still having me laughing. You'll get back on track. I think the most important step is just realizing that you aren't on track (for lack of sounds like a psychologist or something). Have a great time socializing. The lifestyle change can come later :) Have a great Sunday and hope you got some sleep!

  2. Just popped by while relaxing and surfing, have a lovely day x

  3. I like your way of thinking! Look forward not back. Whenever I activate a new diet plan or lifestyle chance I need to write down my plan in a little calendar - do you do the same thing? It really keeps me motivated and on task for some silly reason!

  4. Oh hang in there, girlie! The laughs and great attitude are where its at. I need to work on much of the same! Want to hold hands through it?! :)

  5. Me and the fat pants have been friends for too long (since Christmas!). Gotta get myself in gear too...exercised ONE day last week, was sick for like 3 weeks before that. excuses, excuses! You'll get back into it. (until then i will be posting about some yummy chocolate treats tomorrow! yikes!)

  6. @Texa:Haha, it's like being an alcoholic and getting on board the 12 steps train. Oh but this could actually be fun. I am seriously putting Go
    Cankles Go on message reminders! But must remember to remove them should someone be coming over...or not.

    @Rumtruffle:Thanks for trekking over!

    @KY:I live by calendars I swear. There is one on the refridge, a journal that is mapped out in calendar form and then I even started using blackberry scheduler with little funny reminders at 'hungry times' or something. 'You're hungry! Go EAT! Are you tired? get your ass up and shake it!'You're right it helps out so much.

    @Galit:I know right! If you don't laugh there's so much worse that could be going on. No way. Ah I love being supportive of course I'll hold your hand!

    @Mo'Betta:YAY for getting one day in. Believe you me, when you're sick for that long its hard to get the drive back into full speed and veer from the chocolate treats. Well now I am fully anticipating to see tomorrow! Shooties.

    Have a blissfully lazy Sunday all!

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  8. Oh I can so relate.... When I'm stressed my diet is the first thing to go! So cruel to ourselves we can be sometimes, eh?! Wish u all the luck in the world on the job hunt & less stress, soon!! Stopping by on comment love day & now following!

  9. Friends don't let friends get cankles! lol!

    (I am a new follower, I hope you have time to stop by

  10. The only thing that saves me is skinny ankles, the rest of me is a little squishy.

  11. @Mika:yay! I'm already following you. Thanks for making the jaunt over.

    @Sherri:Good lord it's terrible right, beat ourselves up and tell people to never do it to themselves. Ugh!

    @Sarah:haha! I died when I saw that, I know it's horrible and people do get them but it was a Sunday MUST. I'm poppin' over sans bloated ankles.

    @Mrs.Tuna:Thank you crazy genetics!My sister is petite and swells like a mini sausauge, the only time I swell is during heatwaves! Bless.

  12. This was awesome! It was good I wasn't drinking coffee or any other liquids. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Sunday!

  13. Hi! Glad you are moving forward and realizing that you can't control everything but you CAN control how it affects you - great way to get a message across without being preachy. And I will be thinking of your post (I am sure) next time I am thinking that one MORE day of not working out won't really matter....
    Thanks for visiting "Mrs. No-No Knows"! I am now following you back! :) Hope you will stop back often and put in your two cents.
    Carla aka Mrs. No-No
    Mrs. No-No Knows

  14. @Mollie:Thank goodness we can find a laugh in it right, happy Sunday to you too!

    @Mrs.NoNo:Welcome welcome! There's no sense to beat yourself up, but darn that control factor. It's a killer letting go of it. I'll definitely be dropping in for a little commento. Have a lovely evening.

  15. I've been putting on some weight and I'm trying really hard to take up some of those habits you mentioned! Good luck! Hang in there!

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  17. Ahhh I should read this post whenever I am slacking and instead of taking the matter into my own hands, am beating myself up over the slacking! I know how hard it is to follow up with schedules and be healthy in all the right ways while continuing real life! Kudos to you for looking forward, good luck!

  18. @cakeologist: I am beyond touched! Thanks to the fullest!!!

    @Rebecca:Words are empowering, spoken and written. I do that all of the time with beating yourself up too, which only takes up more time, more slacking...ugh. It's a tough battle but definitely do-able!