Sunday, February 13, 2011

Or Knot

Some things take your breath away while others just bring out the smile that you have been keeping hidden under some chapstick and a warm scarf.

In a hazy day that was nothing short of Prosecco, high spending and a lot of mixing up a wardrobe; my friend displayed a brand new collection of ties that are perfect for any honey. And what perfect timing than having Valentine’s Day seriously right around the corner. Though I am not a big person in feeling obligated to over indulge with Hallmark and Victoria Secret for this particular holiday simply because it’s “Valentine’s Day.” Any other day to get a gift from Victoria Secret is a-okay by me!

However, for this one I definitely would recommend this last minute gift idea simply because it’s pretty outrageous, worthy of a good laugh and definitely welcome in any bedroom. Va-va-voom.

It's time to introduce Lee Allison, the makers of men’s high fashion. A serious gem to any man’s wardrobe. Fashion or not, it is the little innuendo hidden inside of the silky material that can make a tie worthy to fit into any tie rack.

Repeat that one: Worthy to fit into Any.Tie.Rack.

There are two messages on the inside of the tie one at the bottom: Remove before sex. And one at the top where the knot connects together: Or knot.

How delightfully naughty!

While the majority of spending time in a store is devoted to helping people, there can be some downtime and of course I noticed the ties. Simply because out of a very feminine store, right at the entrance is a classic oak dresser that screams “Mad Men…Ad Man” with ties and other manly accessories including hats and leather gloves scattered about the top. It stood out and like any other looky loo, you will stop to take a gander.

I had seen the facebook updates and knew there were little messages but honestly had no clue that they would be hidden in just the right spot for someone to pull the tie off…or knot!

How would you ever notice this little confection? Lord knows after spending one too many times wandering the men’s aisles in Macy’s trying to pick out ties for previous boyfriends and guy friends you become familiar with the silky material but still. I can honestly say that this is NOT my favorite thing to purchase because men can be picky when it comes to dressing up the frontal views.

However, after seeing Lee Allison ties it is safe to say that it would be easy to muster up enough energy to pick out a snazzy little number to line up a man’s neckline.

Which of course, this got me thinking about neck ties and how long it took to figure out how to actually get the knot down pat. Growing up my Dad managed his own ties, god forbid anyone else got the idea of helping him. What a crazy man. Boyfriends, well this was in college and afterwards.

In high school…oh this is a period for serious shame and where the education was introduced: Tying a Knot 101. How many 'school daze' parties did you go to? Me-don’t ask because I have a lapse in memory from back in the day but I walked away becoming a pro at it.

Knowing this, there are quite a few different ways in tying a knot. Who knew right. The most referred to and very classic: four in hand knot, The Windsor knot and the Half Windsor. All equally simple and end with the same result. A snazzy looking knot at a man’s neck that is easy to pull apart.

Does tying a knot still make your teeth clench or are you a master pro at it? More importantly, do you enjoy hunting in the tie racks at a department store or do you actively seek out the employees for color assistance.

A little refresher on how to pull together a tie, because as a woman(speaking from personal experience), we are the go to to do this because our man likes to see us adding a little touch to his get-up.

PS….Lee Allison is Chicago based and has retailers all over the US and Canada. You can also purchase their lovelies online because these are pretty much the badass tie your man needs to have! Hello lover.


  1. How cute is that idea?! Love it :) If the hubs wore ties, then I would be all over this. Do she make any sweatpants?? Cause he is all over those, haha

  2. @Texa:They are so much fun..I want one just to have one! If only they made sweats, I wonder if someone requested it that much maybe the manufacturer would start up a design? One can hope. Happy Sunday :)

  3. great suggestion!! how fun!! I may just get one of these for my fellow! happy weekend!

  4. Those ties are unbelievable!!! Haha what a great idea she must be rackin in the dough! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. @MaryNevin:Aren't they hilarious, there's so many different styles. But the most enjoyment would be untying the knot :)

    @KY:Definitely worth the $ for a little sneaky smile! They're selling out at my friend's store like candy! Hope you are resting and getting over the jetlag humph!