Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to dress like a twin and make it look good

Girls Weekend has taken over the town like an early spring’s night dream. The hot spot restaurants have opened their doors and rolled out the red carpets for the local merchants and boutiques to spread the word of what is in store for Spring Fashion Trends. Suburbia style.

With this comes nights out to prepare for what’s in store, literally. Happy Hours beckon and reel you in with their $5 specials on cosmos (such a girlie drink but they’re so good, don’t hate!) and tasty nosh.

Last night with the kickoff for the weekend extravaganza I met up with some people to indulge before taking part in the festivities.

We met up at apparently the place to be on a Thursday night. This is a small yet prominant town. When you go out, you don’t go out in leggings and a Target tunic (check this one against, this girl lives in leggings and bargains). You (does not point in this general direction) go out in Prada and are in search for the next boy toy.

I have landed into the fiery pit that is known as Cougarville and their golden eyes were out last night, the peripheral vision, primal. While sipping my sparkling and very tasty beverage I could not help but notice that the bar was loaded to the brim with ladies who were on the prowl. We’re not talking non-obvious folks. We’re talking 95:5 ratio of women to men, some who have been sipping wine all day getting their nails manicured, leaving their husbands at home for the evening so they can de-stress with their women’s group to play bridge. This is what they tell their husbands.

Terrible, horrible, very truthful statement. And I apologize flat out for any lady out there that this may apply to. Not really. Quit the bridge club, divorce your husband and go have fun. Or, maybe don't cheat?

While sitting at the bar taking in this whole new eye adventure and walking trainwreck I saw another younger woman rush through the bar. This younger woman was wearing stripes. Similar stripes. Exactly the same striped tunic I had been wearing but in a different color.

Who Wore it Best?

Heat flooded my cheeks, I hate this. How does this happen? I am not a trendsetter but I like to follow a few trends and mash it up with my own sense of style. How am I in a bar and wearing the same clothes as someone? All of this running through my head until I hear my name being shouted at from behind.

It happens because we both spend time at the same store. It happens because people with similar style seek similar items. It happens with people you call friends. I turned around and immediately started laughing, what’s new. When in doubt. Laugh. There behind me was a friend in almost the exact outfit I donned as well.

Twins. To a lower case t.

A couple of men sat behind both of our tables and joined in our laughter because this could and only would happen during a weekend such as this. We immediately took a photo and sent it to our friend who owns the boutique we spend our days in and within minutes it got posted to the facebook business page. Which led to multiple comments. All of which led to more laughter and more ideas of how to not find embarrassment out of situations like this and turn it into something bigger and badder.

So here’s a few little tips if you find yourself in the same situation to make your outfit standout if you do happen to be standing next to your dressed up doppelganger.

1. If you’re wearing a longer tunic, knot one end high up on the hip and let the other side dangle. It creates an altered appeal to the top and will reveal more of the sheer slip underneath. (text tip #1 and I took it!)

2. Baby it’s cold outside…do you carry a neck warmer in your bag? Put it on, or better yet wrap it around a free wrist. But honestly, who carries these? (text tip #2 Fail.)

3. Is there a flower on the table? Take it and put it behind your ear. If that makes you feel like a klepto, do it anyways. Live on the edge.

Even though the fabric may be the same, every outfit is different if you make it unique. Lessons learned via text messages and Facebook comments. Social Media...Thank you!


  1. Haha, I am still laughing at 'their golden eyes were out last night, the peripheral vision, primal' I can just imagine. Oh cougarnight, you are always entertaining. I bet you rocked the tunic! Especially with the 80s side knot. Been waiting for that style to come back in fashion for a while!
    On another note, just wanted to say thanks for always being a great commenter and supporter of my blog. You are always funny and it means a lot to me. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Wow...Cougars! Read about them, have a few that are salon clients but cannot imagine seeing myself being part of Wild Kingdom at some crowded watering hole.

    Have had one or two experiences in running into my "twin", clothes-wise, and it was, almost, comical. I'm a size 3 (not bad for a Gramma, eh?) and purchased a very trendy, dressy denim jacket at Steinmart while in Florida; it was THE only one on the rack, mind you and it looked stunning on me if I say so myself...which I do!

    Well, later that evening, while out having dinner in Tampa, in walked a Not-Size-3 woman...wearing the same jacket, pink shorts from Hell and bright red flip-flops. As luck would have it, she was seated next to our table.

    Sitting on my right side, my spouse, who elbowed me; sitting on my left side, my daughter, who also elbowed me. Reached into my handbag, pulled out a long scarf and did a neck-thing to change the jacket's appearance. When dinner was done, I made a graceful exit from the restaurant with eyes straight ahead.

    Got back to NY and gave the jacket to the receptionist at my salon.

    Have a great week-end!

  3. @Texa:Definitely a sight, oh cougars when will you ever learn? But then again this could have been a glance at the future? Lets freaking hope not! Oh sweet jesus, 80's flashback definitely happened and you know what would have made it all the more sweeter was if there had been a Journey power ballad playing in the background. That or Sister Christian or something soo 80's! haha. You're going to get a double commento in a second!

    @Sidecutter: I have to tell you that just before I was heading out to schmooze people and get some fashion on at an event I read this and could not stop laughing. Especially when you're husband and daughter pretty much bruised your elbow to death and then you gave that jacket to your receptionist! Pink shorts from hell. Hell-arious!! Loved this, and still loving it. You and your fab size 3 self have a wonderful weekend as well!

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  5. @Valery:Hi! Welcome welcome and thanks for reading the insanity. Do I see boutique...and etsy?? I'm heading over now!