Sunday, March 20, 2011

I think I’ll buy the flowers

For as long as I can remember there have always been flowers scattered around the home that I have been in. The scent filling a room or drifting down a hallway while the splashes of color adding an element of something unexpected in an ordinary room making it extraordinary.

My mind has been filled to the brim with constant clutter, the switch to turn off has been duct taped twice over to the point where even walking along the river couldn’t calm the thoughts. Thoughts that worry, excite, trouble and motivate.

While walking through the market the floral section and bundles of bouquets immediately grabbed my attention and the clutter was quieted almost instantly. It was like something deep inside released a grip and a long and oh so deep breath was allowed through.

All thoughts that I had been focusing on were a constant fixture yes but the flowers were telling me something so clear. So fundamental that I should have seen all along.

Nothing is permanent, it doesn’t matter what happens yesterday tomorrow is still undecided.

The flowers are simply cut, wrapped and waiting to be placed in a glass filled with water. So it can bloom for another day. There are no yesterdays of growing in the deep milled soil there is only the hydration of right now and the possibility of another day.

Sitting here with the overhang of grey clouds and a possible storm coming on, my house is filled with a warmth that has been missing for weeks. For fear of veering from a budget I stopped this simple pleasure that clearly wasn’t a pleasure. It was as much a part of my structure as the air we breathe. The clutter that has crafted two hour nights of sleep and days wasted on worry feel like a distant memory, the good that has happened over several months has been overlooked.

This has been an eventful week filled with so many unexpected invitations to meet up with friends that I am lucky to have. Friends that have become family in a sense that are there for you no matter what. Call on you when things are at the highest or lowest. Friends that know you would do the same for them.

Offers for work that three months ago seemed as if it was never going to happen and yet they came pouring in. The community that I live in is very tight, the town is smaller and yet people band together. It is filled with serving the greater good for people of all sorts and to get involved with this would have been a dream. It is no longer a dream, but a reality as a new week starts with a new venture.

Opportunities from friends and acquaintances, tossed in your direction when you least expect them, showing how you make an impact on someone else’s life without even knowing it. Every smile, laugh, conversation can turn into anything you want it to be and more.

It would seem unfair to give into the cluttered thoughts. The flowers are the reminder for switching those thoughts off. As the warmth fills your heart, to remember all of the things whether they be large or small, the point is to remember everything that has given us appreciation, happiness, peace and relaxation.

This is all more so a bunch of rambling words and I'm feeling a tad on the emotional side because for once things are really looking up and proving that this is the time. This is the place.

But for a Sunday it seems all the more perfect to let this confection claim its spot. Doors are opening, the sun is rising earlier and more flowers are beginning to bloom and for this day there are hydrangeas in my front room.


  1. Absolutely beautiful post. Thank you for that on this Sunday. Enjoy your flowers and your blossoming Spring!

  2. @Texa:....does it make it worse that I woke up hurting from too much wine last night and whipped this out? I kid, enjoy lazying it up today!

  3. Lovely post, Morgan!

    I'm dealing with clutter, physical and otherwise, today; getting ready for warmth, new projects and a change from all that Winter has left behind.

    So happy that things are looking up for you, that's a wonderful thing!

    Spring is here but we're expecting snow tomorrow. I keep looking at a vase full of fresh flowers sitting nearby just to keep my spirits up.

    Enjoy the day,

  4. Haha, are you sure you are kidding?! :)
    I found this on another blog actually, and thought I would share it with you:
    "Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul."
    ~The Koran (Qur'an)
    Pretty perfect, huh!?

  5. @Patty:sounds like it's time for some spring cleaning, it's funny how it builds up like hibernation during the winter. Fingers crossed you don't get snow, it's spring for goodness sake.

    @Texa:totally not kidding! This weekend has been bus-ay. That is such a beautiful quote, I may have to put that on a posty note on the refridge-because I'm weird like that! thanks for sharing that one, what crazy timing.

  6. I love hydrangeas! My favorite flower--did you get white, blue, pink or purple ones? :)

  7. @KT:Ahhh, makes me think of Paris-not too sure why! I ended up picking up three bunches of white...I seriously cannot wait until May for a better assortment of color! So now you've got to out and get a bunch for your house.