Monday, March 14, 2011

A triple whammy

Pretty dress, sparkly shoes, fancy red carpet:so this is what that feels like. This little diddy has been getting quite a bit of action. For the most part, this is a tad overdue, but now is as good a time as any to give shout outs of thanks especially as another round of glitter has been sprinkled this way.

This bit of blurbs has been awarded. I am touched and still surprised that the topics that get written about reach out to someone else. Something that I like to call babbling con electronica which exposes everything I go through from the randomness to the darkest bits is read by others, it’s live, out there.

I began with minimal intentions but to keep a few friends who were miles away updated with quirky happenings only to become somewhat reliant of the outlet it created. This space became my place to vent, voice and let go. Rather than just rambling on about something that meant nothing, those ramblings turned into an amplified form of release. Ramblings that are relatable.

He’s super excited too…times three!

Courtesy of Google

The lovely Cakeologist, who creates enough gorgeously baked concoctions to make any mouth water-seriously drooling like Niagara Falls. Must Bake Now (not about cake/cakeology). Rebecca, a girl surrounded by books and the bright sights of the rolling hills of SoCal (A day in the life of a german girl) and Sunny a fellow blip fm-er!!! where anything goes (idyll toast) have taken to my rollercoaster mish mash and have gotten down to business. This truly does mean a lot, probably more than you’ll know and I’m very happy that I get to carouse your bloggies too! For this triple whammy (big money, BIG MONEY) I must say thanks.

And follow rules…yikes I’m terrible at this and was born to rebel against them. But rules are rules and I’ll do it because you’re so kind to this little blog that could. So in accepting these tokens of appreciation I must share some random factoids about myself and pass the torch. So er goes.

-Need a month of free gym services? Coming right up! I was working out at a gym and a woman came up to me asking questions about my workout regime, etc. We started meeting up twice a week to workout together. I got approached by a trainer and was given a major ’No No’ about conducting personal business at their gym. I don’t snap at people but at 4:30am, heads will roll. I told him that if he’d been paying attention to his clients rather than his co-worker maybe he’d be raking in the dinero. Package deal, in the bag.

-I am a perpetual student of sorts, when bored I pick up new hobbies or learn new things. Personal training, I can make grown men cry or throw up. Licensed bartender, double shot of vodka with a lime twist, gotcha. Knitting fiend, not quite there yet as I lose focus on over and unders but am still learning….

-Willy Wonka ain’t got nothin’ on me. Oh heck no. Everyone loves this movie, watches it more times per year than I do body cleanses. I am one in about none who does not. There is something about it that raises the hairs on the back of the neck, taking a pass on this one.

-At a 3rd grade choir performance the students were supposed to dress up, I told my mom we didn’t have to. Out of the entire group, I was the only one wearing a hypercolor t-shirt and jeans (don’t judge), when people turned to my mother with snickers about who’s child that was she denied any relation. Wise woman.

-Ye have no shame. Who has not been to one of ‘those’ stores, dimly lit, IDs checked at the door. A friend and I stumbled into one on the lookout for naughty undergarments and waltzed right into someone we went to school with working the register. She froze and put her things back on the rack while I plopped my soon to be purchases on the counter and told him it was going to be a good night.

-My last meal on earth would be hot chocolate and toast. Growing up, this was the thing to snack on. Who knew you could find joy in dipping crunchy toast into hot cocoa turning it to mushy chocolate-y gunk but it’s there and I’d take that over almost any dessert any day. So good.

-Wild Strawberry Crystal Light packets are godsend and have been given the nickname crystal crack. I shake a packet in a nalgene bottle every single day. A-ddic-tion [stains your lips and teeth like kool-aid thank god for teeth whiteners-Sex-ay]. Note to self, don’t drink before an interview.

To keep this award season going in separate fashions here are some reads that are worth a few visits. They can make you laugh, make you shout ‘where’s my butta boys?’ or just make you want to get out.

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If you have a minute, check some of them out. Thanks again for the major support it does mean a lot. Until the next post…


  1. Well congrats on the awards, it is nice to feel loved, ain't it ;) Hot chocolate and toast, way to live wildly girl! haha, just kidding. Really enjoyed your 7 things. Way better than any I have seen. Hope you are having a great Monday!

  2. I can't believe your gym story! What a douche!!!! I'm glad you stood up for yourself =)

  3. Hi!

    I'm your newest follower from the Boost your Blog hop. Congrats on the awards! Look forward to future posts!

    Feel free to check out my blog here:

  4. @Texa:Es ist wirklich schön und völlig unerwartet! Mad Liebe zum Bloggy Welt. God bless online translators! First day back at work, it feels sooooooo good!

    @KY:The best part, she wasn't paying me she was working out with me. Ridiculousness but totally worth it. Ranting and raving with sweat a go go.Attractive!

    @Anna:Whoop, thanks and welcome aboard! As soon as I get home I'll drop in for a quickie-no pun!

    Happy Monday ladies

  5. Hi Morgan! I am happily following your adventures... #105 on GFC ( -:

  6. @Malia:I was just getting to your email...keep an eye out!

  7. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for thinking of me and my little blog! You are too sweet!


  8. @Joelle:Of course!! Happy Tuesday lady ;)