Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can I get an amen?

Unlike listening to some random psychic telephone scam for reasons called too much time on one’s hands, the ears are beginning to open up to these tarot readings that seem to be at my door.

{Courtesy of Google}

Is the third time really a charm? I am beginning to think so. The top three rankers for things we all want to know about: Love. Career. Health. Talk about a no brainer.

Round One

Oh so vague, I tackled this a ways back (Remembering to Grab Hold...), I shuffled the cards thinking about relationship possibilities and where I stood (spinster ways behind us, wishful thinking right) and was told I was losing my ‘light.’

Round Two

The second go around was basically the same cards (a few inverted-not so good) and as I stared down at the cards the reader turned to me and started the session off by saying ‘snap out of it.’ The rough spell was clearly being displayed.

Last week I had another opportunity for a reading and this time I was ready. It felt like being in Las Vegas, I shuffled he dealt. As the cards got laid out, he let out a breathy laugh as did I when I saw those same damn cards, in different positions and a new addition at the end. The difference this time was four blessed cards. Thank and You.

HIM:Things aren’t working for you exactly the way you want right? What are you doing to make a change?

ME:Lots of things, but they still aren’t happening.

HIM:Are you sure? Look at the smaller things and then look at the bigger picture. Now what do you see?

Here’s a note for anyone heading out to see a tarot reader, psychic or medium. Be specific. More importantly be very specific, include names, dates, colors, sizes……

Tarot reader or life coach?

When he got to the very last card he finally looked up and said thank god. Thank god? Please explain! There is light at the end of this bitchy tunnel! Listening with a grain of salt but inside I was flooding with relief.

Yes there have been hard times(he called these out from reading #1). Yes there have been challenges and conflicts with personal relationships and relationships within (all three readings). But there is something good coming this way that will open the doors (amen brother). I don’t want to read into this or have expectations but it’s hard not to wonder as he has not steered me wrong with the other reads.

For example, some of the things he mentioned (twice) was that he thought it would be beneficial to work for a not-for profit or charitable foundation. I received a phone call and what am I doing this week? Working for a not-for profit foundation.

There are a few other things that I’ll wait to touch on until I feel a tad more comfortable with them. If anything these readings have been a cheap thrill making me very aware of a few things that could have been diverted. That old saying, beware of the blinding eye speaks the truth.

So back to the original question is the third time a charm in any instance,disregarding tarot but life in general? The answer is still up in the air as are all things but for today the sensors are open and we'll see.


  1. Sounds interesting! I don't think I have ever had my cards read...

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  3. @JustMarried:It's interesting, there's a guy in SF who uses X-Men playing cards as his tarot set. Not so much a believer on that one, but this guy has been on the money for the most part.

    @Hope:Thanks for hopping over, I'm scooting over now!

  4. I love the tarot -- I had nothing but goodness via them. Just bought my first deck not that long ago and am learning them at a very slow pace! Anywho...
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  5. I had my cards read years ago and it was an incredible experience. Actually, I just came across the cassette that the woman recorded during the reading and remarked about how very much on-target she was with all she related, especially with things that have unfolded in recent years.

    Great post!


  6. @Cyn:I am jealous that you are beginning to learn how to read the cards. My friend does too, there's a certain calmness about it....I'm lazy! Maybe when you're all up and ready you could read for me! :)

    @Patty:Isn't is crazy how things come together! Especially when you have a tape to go back on, the last medium I went to, it was chickenscratch all over receipts and what not in my bag. What a mess, but seriously some people are very gifted.

    @CCH:Thank you. I'm here 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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  9. I went to an astrologer this morning! she reads your chart based on exactly how the planets were aligned when born. I gave her no information about me and everything she said was dead on. then they have a chart on how things are going to be aligned and give you a heads up on the coming year. It was extremely interesting!

  10. @Sleppery:Happy Tuesday, I'm coming round right now!

    @Amanda:Did I see this right....nutritionist...you can bet your bottom dolla I'm jetting over.

    @AllisonP:Get the heck out, what perfect timing. It's eerie how everything boils down to your birthdate, time and proper location. Spooky, but in a good way! I'm glad you had a good experience.

  11. New follower from the Lady Bloggers Society's Tea Party. I love this post. I've always enjoyed getting my cards read (even though I don't put much stock into them). I think it's the idea of having some sort of insight that catches me. I recently received a pack for myself, but I haven't opened them yet. I still have to put them under my pillow for a week (superstition that for you to properly read them, you must do this). I'm excited about it though.

    I hope things turn out well for you, and you reach that light quickly.