Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quirk or Personality

We all have them. Whether it be wearing only red half cropped socks inside out to bed, humming the national anthem while at a red light and then giving a stadium like wave when it turns green or mentally judging whether or not you can take the car next to you in speed zone like you’ve hit the Indy 500. Ready or not they are ready to come out and play.

The other day while having a conversation via skype with my closest friend, she pointed out some of those itty bitty quirks that I never pay attention to. Out of nowhere she would start laughing until finally I’d ask what was so funny. That was when she’d air out the laundry of our pesky little habits.

Omigod! Wait, no…SHUT UP!

Notorious, this is what I am known for. I am animated, someone could be in mid-sentence but if something comes into my mind from out of the blue you can bet your bottom dolla that I’m going to interrupt and shout the beloved, ‘Omigod!’ Which technically this is not a bad thing because it rubs off on others. During the chat, my friend just started laughing and said, “this is what I miss.’ Just the same as when I hear ‘fuck sake.’

Laughing reduces wrinkles, or does it cause them?

I laugh at everything, this includes serious things. For example, did you just trip and fall: I am laughing. Are you crying because the brush is stuck in your hair? I am laughing. It’s awful, embarrassing, but like a nervous tick it happens.

True story: My sister was using some kind of electric hair brush when her hair got tangled up in a gnarly mess. Bits and strands were stuck around the motor of the brush, she was a screaming and crying mess, shouting at me to help get the strands out as gently as possible. I fell on the floor laughing so hard on the verge of a urinary slip up. Let’s just say, her hair got untangled and she wouldn’t talk to me for a week.

There are starving children in China

Thank you fine parenting skills for teaching us that there are starving children in the world far more deserving of a full plate of food than we are. Were you raised to eat every morsel of food on your plate? Waste not right. What happened to the want not? To this day, I struggle when out at restaurants with the whole ‘must push the plate away’ syndrome. I’m sorry, buffet what? Oh no, no no!

What if I just smacked you in the face?

Since on the topic of siblings, my sister used to do this and I HATED it. Out of nowhere, she would come up to me and say, ‘Morgan, what would you do if I slapped you in the face, you’d totally cry wouldn’t you?’ What a brat, I tried to ignore her impudence but of course after several ‘what if I just (s)’ that all revolved around mockery you get a tad on the snappish side and fall into the whole schpeal. To this day, the woman still does this, and what makes it all the sweeter (on her end) is that my brother in law does it as well.

Plastic or silver?

Man's joke to fine cutlery

Hate the clinking of metal on your teeth, how about a spork(which is just a damn shame and a waste of a utensil if you ask me or any other like minded elementary folk)? A friend of mine does not trust the trustee silver flatware and vows only immense love for the white plastics that are a mere $2.50 at your local grocery store for a set of 25. The first time she told me this I stared at her in disbelief and when we went out for a happy hour, what better than the flash of white plastic crept out of the purse and got set on the table.

They’re the little things that add to your character, that make you undeniably YOU. The next time someone cracks their knuckles or only eats the bun of a burger and tosses out the square meat patty because ‘it’s a square!’ know that those quirks as crazy as they are, are a part of your makeup.


  1. The best part is half the time we don't even know we're doing these quirky crazy things!!!

    Great stories!

    Thanks for riding the train today!
    The Survival Mama

  2. Realized that, already today, I've said..."oh, for fuck's sake!", "are you shitting me?" and "WTF!" about skatey-eight times.

    Realized that I've finished several people's sentences today only because I was in a rush and they were taking too long to get their point across; you know..."cut to the chase before I'm another year older!"

    I'm now on quirk-alert.

    Loved your post!


  3. @SurvivalMama:Toot Toot, thanks for hosting! I can't wait to get home to check out some new blogs. Oh that is so very true! Atleast we can laugh right!

    @Patty:Hahaha, that is a riot. Cursing is sooo much fun, especially muttered under your breath. The fbomb sounds that much more proper. I am on the spit it out bandwagon too, horrible! Happy Tuesay!

  4. Lol! This is so true! We do all have our own little "quirks" and that's what makes us all unique. Except I consider me cracking my knuckles a very bad habit, my fiance hates it! Lol...I am your newest follower from FMBT. Love your blog! You can find me at:


    Have a great day! :-)


  5. I laugh at everything inapproriate. One of my quirks...:P

  6. I'm going to pay closer attention to my quirks!
    I'm a new follower from the hop!
    Hope you can hop back!

  7. @Melissa:It's terrible right, but feels sooo good! Plus why would anyone want cramped joints? I'm heading over now!

    @Kristine:haha, love this! I hope you enjoy a hearty laugh at all things inappropriate, makes no sense to just giggle it off! Gotta love the naughty.

    @Nancy:Right, I caught myself humming a David Bowie song twice today before picking up a phonecall. So random, but how often does that happen? I'm coming round now!

  8. plenty of quirks here. won't start because i need to get to bed and my list would keep me up til the wee hours.

    thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving such a sweet comment! looking forward to keeping up with yours in return :)