Monday, January 10, 2011

Remembering to grab hold of the excitement

There are parts of me that truly believes in the spiritual side of psychic mediums, tarot readers I am a little skeptical of.

Does part of your emotional vibrations pass onto the cards when you shuffle them? Does the tarot reader really see beyond the cards or is it all left for an open interpretation.

A little about the visit, to begin with my friend owns a boutique in town and occasionally has tarot readers or psychics stop by for her clients. The shop has regular store hours but after knowing how she works, the majority is by appointment only so she can devote her time in styling her patrons.

She reads people very well and knows her clientele and as a way of not only promoting her store she brings in outside people. Tarot readers, psychics or even belly dancers for these private appointments. It’s brilliant really and gets the word out on the street or around town that her shop really is all that and a bag of chips.

Going in with an appointment set, I cruised through the racks to see if anything was new before settling down in front of the reader.

Now this is where my skepticism comes into play. I know all of this is in good fun and is to be taken lightly but I still think the universe works in mysterious ways and there is a little room for flux.

I sat down with the reader and started shuffling the cards focusing on a main subject that is riding on my mind right now(relationships) and as the cards started getting placed in front of me the man started giving off little noises like “Hmm” “That’s interesting” “Hmmmmmmm.”

So naturally I am thinking off of the bat, this is great. I’ve chosen the death kill on these cards and life is going to end. Over a stupid card.No, life is not going to end. Stop being over dramatic.

As he was explaining the symbolism behind the cards he stopped at the look of my face. I wasn’t quite buying him up until the middle card. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the name of the card and I am still really shocked that it bothered me.

Before he stopped, he said that there has been past and inner conflict that has put the fire out within me.


Hearing someone say basically you’ve lost your light is like getting slapped in the face.

I am always optimistic and genuine with people and I am more embarrased in myself because I scoffed at his statement. I fully got on the emotional defense internally and kept telling myself positive reinforcements trying to make sure that his card or reading of the card did not burst some positivity within me.

Then I stopped and really thought about it and rather than ridicule my actions just stopped thinking altogether.

Even if that card was pulled, so what. I can turn that frown upside down and make right within myself. If a light has been dimmed well then I’ll reignite it and get it to burst full of light like the sun.

I walked out of the shop feeling no less different than I did going in. I'm still excited about every single day, still positive and happy to be experiencing anything and everything that is going on around me and simply just being. So the cards I pulled didn’t tell me my future.

If they did, would I really want to know what was going to happen?

So this poses a question, would you want to know your future even if it wasn't grand soirees and white picket fences?


  1. I want to get a tarot and a palm reading. I just need to decide whether they are real or not. I think if you go in believing it is true and that you really don't determine your destiny then you will end up living the destiny you are told.

  2. I went to a psychic years ago with the same notion that whatever was to be said would be taken lightly and it would tell a good story. The visit was extremely vague and could have been given to anyone.

    Last year I saw another in an attempt at cleansing myself, sort of like intense spiritual therapy. It was a surreal experience and after seeing her I doubt I will ever see another. She never told me anything about what to expect but she told me about where I had come from, things I had gone through up until that very day. She only looked into my eyes at the very end of the visit. It was eerie but at the same time emotionally balancing and I left feeling like the person I was meant to be.

    The tarot was just plain weird, I almost think I could have gotten the same type of reading from a free website. Very vague and why it bothered me is beyond me.

    There is bound to be legitimate guides out there, it's just the matter of finding them before getting ripped off.