Thursday, December 9, 2010

The wrath of the ugly sweater

Last week I got invited to take part of the cotton clad festivities that is an Ugly Sweater Party and was more than willing to get on that tacky boat. Because I don’t have a job yet, meeting people is a little difficult without that familiar foundation, had it not been for certain social networks I really would be a hermit in my home, but thankfully I’m not and have been lucky to get these invites. In all honesty though, I am missing my close friends at times like this. Social networking is great but core friendships are rare and these cross country phone calls are killing the phone plan. I need to get on the friend train…asap.

Now, I am nowhere near feeling like I need to cry myself into a dark corner and listen to sad songs for moving so far away from those I am close to. It was a decision and I stand by it, now is the time to support that decision. But for heaven sake, when you have to find an ugly sweater and are sifting through the racks at Goodwill looking blindly. You need a friend.

So I called my sister, who is the closest of everyone and walked through the store extremely grateful for the power of cell phone technology and good service. Desperate in trying to find the perfect sweater, rack for rack I was explaining what I was seeing and could hear her husband in the background saying NO to everything. Until I was directed to the Men’s section.

Goldmine…crisis averted. I found one that would make my grandmother proud. It is tack with a capital T, red (perfect for the holidays) with embroidered flowers, a built in polo neck and an oil stain. After getting the determining factor, Houston…we are good to go! As per our phone call, after laughing as much as we did, she and her husband have unanimously decided to create the ultimate holiday cards for next year. “Ugly Christmas with the____’s!” You’re welcome.

Jump to tonight, I set off for the party. I really did, and then the skies decided to close up with a snow cloud and dump down inches of snow. Normally I am comfortable with driving in such conditions, when I know my surroundings, have chains on the wheels or the roads have been cleared. This was not the case, and at the third time my tires spun I turned around and headed back. This turned out to be a smart decision as there was a couple of inches awaiting the arrival. Unfortunately the ugly sweater goes unused for this evening.

Home now and nestled in comfy clothes with the heat turned up too high and a dark fireplace remaining unburned which is a story in itself and another day. It’s game night and in between these sentences I get to watch a certain defenseman get to work after a serious hiatus due to injury. Good luck #7, crush the Kings but mind the shoulder. GO FLAMES GO!

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