Tuesday, December 14, 2010

C is for "Superior"

Enough of the negative nancy’s for today! For the first time in over a month, the facebook account actually got logged into (blackberry app, you are the devil) and updates on my nephew, a 2 year old tazmanian cutie finally got checked! Last weekend, my sister and her family had traveled out to see a tree lighting ceremony in a small German-inspired town back home with some of their friends and their little ones. In the wake of the trip, her husband and their good friend decided to body sled down a snow covered hillside.

Only they would do this and actually get a rise out of the people surrounding the hillside sledding. Not body sledding, just sledding. My brother in law. The firefighter and Mr. Safety, who working the C shift, clearly takes “Superior” to an ultimate level as he made it down the hill first!

Do you ever remember doing stupid things when you were younger (or yesterday) that you turn your head away and hold your laugh in? Or do you accept the fact that you’ve become a nerd for a minute and laugh!

I can’t even answer this question without falling into giggles. Since on the topic of sledding, growing up (we, meaning me and my sister) used laundry hampers to sled down the stairways which slammed right into the front door unbeknownst to our parents, or so we thought. Very un-ladylike, but bruise friendly shenanigans.

What a way to start a day. Body sledding. Newest addition to the next winter Olympics!

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