Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting Sexified: A 12 Week Challenge

With it being the end of December, there are only so many weeks left of being in my twenties and I am beginning to freak out. Not really as I don’t really think age is a big deal, but a small piece of me feels like I need to go out with a BANG.

So what better to do than devise a structured plan to knock off a few pounds that may have crept up during the holidays with all of those crazy cookies and get better feeling skin in the process. Urgh, I really should have been more generous in donating them!

This isn’t the biggest loser where it’s a do or die challenge. It’s a “Make it Work” challenge to cleansing the body, my soul and not turning to the bottle at the thought of turning the big 3-0. Sweet jesus.

Slim in Six, this is not the Olympics. Slim in 12….now we’re on to something.

Yesterday in between the phone calls (holiday cheer, new baby and engagement notices!!!) I put together a plan that I think is going to work out pretty good in toning up.
My Mission Statement:

I Morgan X, commit to starting this twelve week program on Monday, December 27, 2010 completing the twelve week segment on Monday, March 21, 2011. I believe that I can accept and complete my challenge to the best of my ability.

I commit to keeping my daily journals documenting the process of exercise and diet.
I will practice power mind principles to help me stay the course.
I will expect and adapt to adversity and embrace tough times as learning opportunities.
I will strive to take action and not to ruminate, BITCH, moan or whine.
I commit to pursuing progress, not perfection in my eating and training.
I will find joy to neutralize my stress and take mini breaks and strive to be a master regrouper.
I will be self-assertive and fight for the right to take care of myself.
I will acknowledge and reward myself for the achievements along the way.

By completing the challenge, I signify honor and respect for myself and affirm that I deserve health, happiness and joy.

With this challenge, it’s all about getting back to feeling great. Inside and out. Not that I’m overly outdone by any means, but it would be nice not having to worry about my lovely lady jigs (I feel like such a man in naming my love handles, er curves) in serious check for the upcoming warm weather. The wing action, not the case for this girl but whatever it is for anyone else, this is what it’s all about.

The plan is as follows:
Week 1,3,5,7:
Gym 4 x per week-cardio for 1hr, Strength training M, W, F
Saturdays: On reserve for outdoor hike or walk (snow or no snow, it’s about getting outdoors)

Week 2,4,6,8:
Bootcamp/Circuit training. Gym 4x per week, strength training T, Th. Sat., Core training.
Sunday: Off Day

Week 9-12:
Gym 4 x per week 1.5 hrs, strength training M, Th
Yoga/Pilates 3 x per week

It's been a tricky year and like a milk advert. It'll do your body good.For the next twelve weeks, I’m turning to fitness and good health for solace. Of course it will be longer than that but for the logging purposes, that’s what I’m giving up!

The overall goal is to reclaim the body sleeping underneath this sweater! To knock off the “whatever” poundage that may have packed on during this and that time.

Toning is good. Toning is sexy. Toning is….hard work.

The challenge is set, the gym is on and the measurements are taken. It’s about determination and positivity in the process to great health.

It’s time to kick ass and take names…in stilletos!


  1. I love this!!!! I've been thinking all day about how I can (literally) get my ass in gear in 2011!! I love your little mission statement - I believe putting things in writing (especially for the world to see) holds you accountable. I look forward to following along on the next 12 weeks of your journey!

  2. Thanks, it's going to be fun, maybe!?! It's the straight truth about accountability...all talk and bs have made it necessary to get some structure into getting the job done. I'm seriously taking tonight to give a solid salute to wine though....12 weeks w/o is going to be rough.

  3. Haha..too often this year I have had a "last supper" and gone strong at the gym for 2 weeks only to fail.

    I need some structure for sure. I think you've inspired me Miss Morgan!

  4. That's exactly what I'm afraid of, NYE is just around the corner, and a lay in is always more tempting than sweating like a man.

    I say go for it! Inspiration and self care can lead to success. You can do it!

  5. My NYE "resolution" has been formulating in my head for a inner and outer detox from all the negatives in my life (people, places, things, extra inches on my thighs!)

  6. I love it, inner and outer detox. It's like spring cleaning.

    I hate trying to let go of people, how do you do it nicely without being overly mean? Especially if you're still in the same groups. But then again, if you can look at that person, smile and say something like "You really are doing nothing for me right now" you are golden.

    An easy button for rapidly shrinking thighs is in serious demand!

  7. Letting people go comes easy for me...I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I can cut off attachments with people in a heartbeat.

    Some people just aren't worth the time, energy, and drama that they bring, and once I make that decision about a person and let them go, I have a lot more time and energy to focus on positive I create my own daily dramas, I don't need to deal with other peoples BS, too!

    and finally, I don't think you need to say anything when a relationship ends with a person....we're living in a world where replying to something with "k" is a big F-U! Sometimes saying nothing says more than if you said one word....the point will get across that you are moving on and focusing on YOU!

  8. Words of wisdom. People can be ridiculously stupid or selfish and try to pin their problems out on those around them because of their own insecurities. It's a smart way of looking out for you and very admirable.

    At the end of the day, it really is your life and the joys around your days so why even keep that garbage on call.

    A resolution for peace of mind, body and soul. That sounded like a hallmark card but it's great and way more inspiring than the typical.

  9. Sounds like an ambitious plan! One i wish I have the balls to start for myself! Lol. Keep us posted on the progress

  10. Thanks AmyLK (or Amy!), it's a small price to pay for feeling good about turning 30.

    Live vicariously through the postings, it's going to be a journey for sure. If you get your ball action on...don't forget your lady bits! I figure I'll do a weekly update otherwise it'll be more of an obsession than completing something exciting.

  11. I love this! I'm with KY, put it in writing and you'll be a lot more motivated to accomplish your goals! Can't wait to read all your updates!

    A week or two ago I blogged about my goals for 2011. Mostly, I just want to be a healthier (thus happier) me. I want to take better care of myself.

    I really enjoy the gym once I get going but it's getting going that's tough for me, especially with a toddler and a husband that's gone every other week. (I'm not big on daycare or babysitters)

    I bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and I love it. It's easy and quick, perfect for me! Now I just need to start eating better! Ugh, it never ends!

  12. I saw your post and thought it was really moving. When it comes to families, dilemmas or things coming at us at 100mph from every which direction it's hard to focus on taking time out for you so that you can get through everything and remain balanced. It'll be a good start for you to get to that place you want to be in.

    I like the gym but go through spurts of finding or losing motivation unless I have a workout buddy. I guess classes are good for that??

    I can't even imagine leaving a child with the daycare (s) inside of gyms! NO WAY!!! I always wonder if the people working are even certified. Oh and babysitters. Hello over cellphone usage...It's scary and more comforting when you know who is with your child...meaning you or your husband!

    Don't you love JM! You almost feel like you ran a marathon as soon as the time is up. Did you hear that she is focusing her time on having a baby and will be leaving the Biggest Loser? The woman is a powerhouse.