Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CHALLENGE: Week 1 Playlist

Courtesy of Google Images

In order to get the junk in the trunk packing and stay motivated, here's some of the songs that will help out this week.

Warm Up:
Waiting for the End~Linkin Park
Notion~Kings of Leon

Cardio HIIT intervals:
Imma Be~Black Eyed Peas
Sweet Dreams Remix~Beyonce
Poker Face~Lady Gaga
We R Who We R~Ke$ha
Only Girl~Rihanna
All of the Lights~Kanye West ft Rihanna
Dog Days are Over~Florence + The Machine
Telephone Remix~Lady Gaga

Cool Down:
Chasing Pavements~Adele
Just Breathe~Pearl Jam


  1. Love how motivated and organized you are - I need to pull myself together, can you believe there are THREE more days to this year!!!

  2. Boredom is to blame. I'll look back at this in three weeks to see if you're right!

    OMG, I am freaking out it's already New Years. Where did this year go? If you have big plans, have a super fun..and safe..time!

  3. Great playlist! My son just put my iPod shuffle into a glass of water so ... if I work out, it's at home with music going or in silence at the gym. Should have asked for a new one for Christmas, I guess!

  4. That stinks but makes for a good story! At least at home you have your own playlist you can pull from itunes or music on demand w/comcast cable. Silence at the gym is just awkward!

    I think you can still get a shuffle for under $100, but that's still kinda spendy.