Sunday, December 12, 2010

R-E-D-H-O-T what do we got!

I guess a tiny explanation is due for this newfound fascination with hockey. When I moved to the greater mid-west I honestly had no clue the effect sports had on its people. It’s insane and everyone has a team they cheer for to the death. Within the city I grew up in, there is no such thing as serious antics, unless you go to specific universities. But really, it’s NOWHERE near the same.

The first week here football season kicked off and I wound up at a sandwich shop for lunch, it could have been transformed into a sports bar and nobody would have known. Flat screens everywhere, people not leaving their seats and the staff’s attention focused on the screens. Mind the timeout. Are you kidding me, at a sub shop?

After that first week, I had an interesting conversation with a guy while out getting coffee who gave me the lowdown on the hyped up behavior of the sport fiends. I was told that I had not experienced anything if I had not:

A. Been to a live hockey match
B. Watched a Bears or Hawks game at a bar
C. Watched a Bears game at Soldier Field in the freezing cold (no thanks!)

So we swapped numbers, good girl! First Date in Chicago and it’s over a pre-season hockey matchup of the Blackhawks, not quite what I was expecting but it worked. Was this guy a sports fanatic, um..YES. Was this a match made in heaven, NO..but he was really fun, the conversation was casual and he taught me a lot about the sport (in between his raging at a tv screen.) Needless to say, since that day I’ve started to follow some hockey teams and can now see why people are such die hards. It’s safe to say I probably won’t ever be one. But I understand. Sort of.

Apart from the highly sport influenced evening out; that night sparked something inside of me that I had been keeping at bay because I was constantly “on the move” so to speak. Dating. It has been a rough couple of years with coming and going from different places or flat out becoming a bona fide serial dater (not even going to mention Leo night.) However, I must say that the hiatus was much appreciated but it’s time to get back into the wardrobe, start trying on some new clothes and get swanky in a lovely dress that hugs those curves nicely (ladies you know what I mean by that.)

And so it begins again, the adventures in dating that has to start somewhere. And for this leg of the journey, it just so happened to begin at a sports bar. But who says it can’t end up at the Riviera.

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