Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Beautified 101

Back in October I started taking part of a local volunteering project that makes and delivers meals to seniors. Part of the reasons that I chose living in the town that I am in is because of all of the amazing ways to give back to the community and those in need. There is a real “Lend a Helping Hand” feel to the area that is all encompassing and I was more than willing to get on the acts of kindness boat.

I ended up picking two people to cook meals for that month and had the best time. Entertaining is wonderful, but at the same time being able to cook and spread some joy into someone else’s life through a warm and home cooked meal is equally as rewarding.

Last night, I received a phone call from one of the people I had cooked for. We had talked a little bit after I delivered the meal and I checked in on her for Thanksgiving to see how she was doing. Yesterday, she was feeling down.

For the holidays she had wanted to get her hair treated with a permanent perm. She called me and asked if there was any way I would be able to find a place for her and drive her to get “beautified.” Tis the season to be there for those in need. And whatever that need may be, you can count on me!

We chatted for several minutes and I immediately started thinking about where I could take her. Lucking out on a stylist is not going to fly for this lady. She’s an elderly woman, has particular wants and desires for her hair. All that matters is that she gets her hair permed out with a cost that is relatively affordable.

Challenges are the best! The need to find a salon close by that does affordable perms by the end of the weekend is on. This penny saver is going to get the job done, bring back a smile and mark off another good deed for the day.

Here's the real question, what are your favorite ways of helping people out? Or in what ways do you like to be helped out in? Physically, emotionally, do you like it?

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