Saturday, December 25, 2010

One of the more precious Christmas blessings

Merry Christmas. Today has been a day from start to, well now!

Last month, my sister and I decided that we wouldn't exchange gifts this year but it was totally okay for the tazmanian cutie to get spoiled. Which of course, how can you not spoil your nephew?

By mid-morning, after enjoying a Christmas walk in the snow I got a phone call from everyone back home. With the monster in the background shoving jelly beans into his new tool box and my brother in law trying to figure out a nerf gun, I got the news from the source.

When my sister said we weren't exchanging gifts, she lied. BIG TIME.

They're expecting! The tazmanian cutie will be a big brother come August, and skype will officially be my best friend for the next 9 months.

What an amazing way to end a year for them. After a full year of going back to school to finish up his paramedic certification all while working double shifts on the rig, my brother in law, Mr. Safety extraordinaire will again be a proud papa. My sister, who has spent the entire year trying to keep the family in check and a full head of gorgeous red hair, soon to be a lovely mama of two!

An amazing and perfect way to cap off the day and year altogether. Congratulations to a family well deserving of beautiful bliss!

On top of this batch of news, I just got word that another friend and her husband have been directed down to the delivery ward and are getting ready to introduce their daughter into the world. Talk about Christmas Blessings indeed!

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