Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guilty pleasures, secret obsessions, and a trolley ride?

We’ve heard the sayings that times are rough. When times are rough, why does it seem natural to turn to your guilty pleasures for a little release?

In this case it’s shopping (mainly because Hoarders is free and soooo addicting and a certain man is unobtainable yet still sinful to the eyes).

A month ago I stumbled into a hip and funky boutique that has an owner to die for and has offerings that would feed any secret obsession. She’s brilliant with fashion and loves nothing more than to style her customers. Thank you.

The first time I stepped foot inside I walked out with the cutest fingerless gloves and an invite to a ladies night out.

The party was fun and opened the playing field for having conversations with people I’d never even think to have had them with and also got the excitement started in finally beginning to connect with new people.

A couple of weeks ago, the same owner (now friend) text me and invited me out for a trolley ride through town with a bunch of other ladies to get the holiday spirit going….with a start at the store. Uh oh.

Enter guilty pleasures and secret obsessions. The minute I walked into the shop several ladies were getting spruced and styled prior to hopping on the trolley (a glorified and very suburban party bus). It was basically like being with a bunch of girlfriends getting ready to go out. Gossip, drinks and dressing up. A complete riot.

I love this, where you can get the advice of people around you to openly and honestly tell you if you look frumpy, need a belt or simply tell you that a sweater is flat out not gonna work.

Today. A day later. Nursing a hangover from the Prosecco I headed back to the shop to snag up some sequined leggings that I put aside and give many thanks for the trolley ride that made it through the snowstorm, I got sucked into the style mode.

Is there such a thing as will power, yes I think there is but when you are surrounded by serious temptation and a group of people either supporting or encouraging you on a new look you are bound for trouble. But a wonderful addition to your wardrobe nonetheless.

So was anything learned from this or am I just rambling? Definitely rambling but learned this: make friends with an owner of a boutique. It’s one of the finer things to know someone who owns and designs their own clothing line. It’s also another thing to listen to the back burned voice that is screaming “Remember your budget” but at the same time remember to treat yourself when you feel you may need it.

Now on a serious note. Apart from the rare side of consumerism (because honestly on most days, you’d find me in leggings and an old sweater)you really never know how and when you meet people and how they can open you up to endless possibilities. Whether it involves guilty pleasures or not.

Outfit update: Sequined leggings (now not so secret obsession)
Full length black slip
Black lace sweater
Body tank
Courtesy of Google Images

Can we say trouble!

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