Monday, December 13, 2010


Pardon the curse. It’s that time of year to either find the motivation to get into the gym or avoid it like the plague. It’s freezing outside so rather than packing on an additional winter “jacket” the gym has become a morning tribute. But in reality, cuddling up in a warm bed sounds way better.

At the gym and getting the fitness on, I was on an elliptical, getting ready to step up the intensity, when a lady smiled at me in the mirrors. Strange, but okay?

Zoning out in the middle of a workout always happens but her smile got to me and I forgot all about the song I was on or how my breathing was. After finishing up the cardio session and was getting ready to walk away, that same lady smiled again at me and said something that brought heat to the cheeks in 0.9 seconds.

I was singing along with the iPod. I stared at her, but immediately started to laugh because she told me that I looked concentrated in the workout but she could tell I had hit a good song or I was listening to something funny because I’d start to mumble along with whatever was playing in the headphones. This is lovely, so now I can add entertaining people around me with sweat pouring off of the body to the list of things to avoid.

So this got me thinking, do you walk away from the startling realization that you sing while working out feeling completely embarrassed. I mean, the gym is not an arena filled with screaming American Idol fans or even the shower. Off an octave or not, you’re not alone.

Totally outrageous, but I’m embracing it. I don’t care. That song was good and got me through the workout, calories are burning and that’s what matters. I’ll definitely be paying attention to my actions tomorrow at the gym but for today, “I’m holding on to what I haven’t got!!”

For the Cheering antics: Its game night. I keep the faith for Calgary, but of course am mainly watching a certain defenseman work the ice (hopefully longer than 9 minutes tonight) so it doesn’t matter. Good Luck!

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