Friday, December 17, 2010

“There'll be no next time.This is going to be like Bridges of Madison Ave,a very brief affair I'll write about in sappy letters to my grandchildren"

Yesterday morning with groggy eyes, crazy hair and a rumpled bed it hit me. Who is this woman and where did I go? The other night marked another round of dating, only this time it was date number 3 with the same guy. Nice guy, sexy guy. Very very dedicated to his job kind of guy. But still sexy.

Date 1:Good conversation, lots of laughs and positive feeling. We left with a swift kiss and a plan for the next few days to meet up.

Date 2:In between the dates, he text me. Not a phone call, text. Very brief and nothing illicit, just simple banter and I went with it. The date was nice and low-key, the guard was starting to drop down with him. Kisses and a bit more after leaving.

Date 3:There was a good lapse in between dates, he was crazy busy with work. We managed to talk a few times and the phone calls were brief. We met up at another bar and after a couple of drinks he drove me home (I’d taken the train in). Groggy eyes, crazy hair and a rumpled bed later… note, no guy no nothing.

And so we’re back to the beginning. Who is this woman? Just because this is a new place doesn’t mean we change who we are right? I honestly didn’t expect this from myself. It’s completely out of character. Nor did I expect it from the guy.

I double checked my house for a note or anything and then took to the cell phone which was equally as empty, and dialed. Straight to voicemail. Okay. I got ready, went out for the day and after hearing nothing decided what is there to lose and text him because it felt odd.

That awful saying: “he’s just not that into you” was definitely in the front of my mind. He responded almost immediately with a phone call and said that he left because he had an early meeting and that he was going to be busy for “a while.” He would text me whenever he was free. I was hesitant but the call left me thinking about shameless nights.

Natural instincts say don't judge because maybe he really is busy, but do I and call him a jerk this early in the game? Why does it have to be a game?

Am I allowed to doubt? Busy, rejection or being a complete girl,this was a total fling and I hate that. The ups and downs, and are the woes of dating.

If only there was an easy button that magically made a deep voiced, broad shouldered funny guy appear out of thin air! I’m here, where are you?


  1. I am so sorry for you! That he turned out to be a turd is not your fault in any way. I really thought guys had changed from that mode after all these years. That is what guys did when I was young. It was the game of conquests. At least you found out early in your relationship what he was about. Now if he appears at your door expecting you to pick up where he left off.......don't let him in!

  2. Definitely not letting him in : ) I suppose it's a blessing in disguise but it's one of those things that starts the motor running and gets you thinking about everything that is going on in your life and how they sort of all come together.