Thursday, December 30, 2010

“To infinity and beyond”

One of the finer things over the past couple of years has been being able to talk to my nephew on the telephone.

Half of the time he is growling like a monster attempting to be scary or trying to tell me in the language of Kaleb about his favorite man of the minute, his “Buzz.”

Because distance puts a strain on when we get together, my family which is extremely close knit, make a strong effort in making sure we all talk umpteen times a week. Plus, with the cutie, that he grows up and can actually put faces to the voices of his family.

Hello Skype, thank you for being free! Why has it taken this long to get organized and set up on this site? Last year I flew back to see everyone several times but this season it didn’t work out and so my sister and I both decided pretty much at the same time. Let’s get on with this thing and stop dragging our feet.

The first attempt was an epic failure. Both of our accounts were set up, the cameras were definitely activated as the tazmanian cutie was jumping in front and waiving back at me. All of this without sound. What happened?

Second attempt after it was determined that the microphone on my sister’s account was muted (She is a redhead but had a blonde moment!) the call itself, was a total success and brought massive tears through both of us.

Laughing and crying at the same time, Kaleb was shrieking and claiming much deserved attention showing off all of his gifts and then…

We had a dance off. On Skype. This is outrageous. An almost 30 year old woman and I am laughing and jumping around for all of a couple of minutes with my nephew who is 2,000+ miles away who was doing the same thing at the very same time. But within view of a very VERY small screen!

I loved those couple of minutes, my sister and brother in law in the background laughing at the craziness. I cannot even say thanks enough times to have had that moment because it was precious. Skype is getting a letter. Well, maybe an email because every once and awhile geeking out is okay for the sake of being thankful.

It was like being in the same room. I miss them and am taking hold of this minute to feel nostalgic.

If by any crazy happenstance where the US Consulate in Vancouver contacted me for a job I would move in a heartbeat. However until that happens it’s all about taking advantage of the snow, the sunshine and the generosity of the people in the area. And whatever else comes into view.

Hold your loved ones and give them a tight squeeze. Life is beautiful, and if you haven’t already signed up. GET ON SKYPE!!

For the hockey antics that took a break like the holidays: I hate to even mention this but my thoughts are with the Flames. It’s been a rough first part of the season and to lose the GM was a start at a necessary restructure, which has clearly only just begun and serious uproar is about to happen. Please keep the faith and stay strong as a team! And keep a certain #7 in Calgary and not send him off to NJ!