Friday, December 10, 2010

....and so it snowed

This weather, the cold and snow. I am loving it while others are cursing it. Coming from a maritime area the closest you can get to snow is a drive away. And if you’re lucky every couple of years an actual snowstorm might sweep through off of the coast but it’s hardly dramatic. It has snowed twice now over the past two weeks, fresh blankets covering the parks and reserves. It’s truly beautiful and makes you appreciate how simple things look when dusted over.

Today has been rather unproductive, I am hosting a cookie exchange next weekend and am pleasantly surprised that several people are equally excited about getting into the kitchen and baking something delicious. Since today appears to be a day to be lazy, despite the fact that the gym was number one on the list of things to do, baking now takes rank. What to bake. Last year I baked so much, you would think the smell of cookies would be off-putting but it is not. Here’s the contenders:

Gingerbread Snowflake Sandwich Cookies-Lemon Merengue filling
(recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart)
Chocolate or Hazelnut Macarons
(recipe courtesy of a patisserie I went to)
Savannah Bow Ties
(recipe courtesy of Paula Deen)
Chocolate Pistachio Cookies (recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart)

The pistachio cookies just may be the ones, but I have to do a test run on how the preparation and bake time is. And so I’m off. Ready. Set. Bake.

Note to Martha Stewart and Co.: I now fully understand why some of your recipes do not state the length of time it takes to completing. Thanksgiving day: Time spent on dinner-1 hour. Time spent on Hazelnut PralineTorte-6 hours. Picturesque and amazingly delicious but draining to make.

On a completely different note. Sorry for the loss boys, last night just wasn’t your night and the defense was raided. Speed it up tonight! As always, GO FLAMES GO!

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