Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peaceful state of mind

Riverwalk 12/23/2010

If I had rhythm I'd sing this in lyric like Alicia Jay-Z.

I was walking along the river today after duking it out at the grocery stores, making sure all of the supplies for the festive dinner on Christmas was done. I was just starting to cross over one of the bridges when, for a few minutes I stood overlooking the water and couldn't help but just stop.

It was strange, almost like a deja vu moment where you know you've been there before but you honestly can't place it. That's what it felt like.

There's a little hub that sort of hugs the walkway and while I stood there, looking out at the frozen patches of ice floating down the stream, it got heavy emotions flaring about being thankful and appreciating life for how simple it can be.

It's a strange analogy. I know. Standing there looking like a bumbling idiot, breathing in the freezing temperatures, feeling like one of those silly kleenex commercials, but that's just what happened.

I don't know how long I stood there thinking about the little things that get your days up and going. What motivate you to keep pushing through those hurdles or obstacles that seem so detrimental one minute and laughable the next. Because at the end of the day, everything fades away and you made it so it doesn't really matter.

I guess for my few minutes of becoming a riverfront mime, it made me appreciate that life is precious and can be anything and everything that you make it. From the small things say like paying off a bill or the larger things like actually being able to hold someone close to you that you love.

Maybe I am uber sensitive with the holidays coming up, maybe not. Either way, that moment hit me like a trainwreck and I'll take it.

Batavia, IL?? I was lost!

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