Friday, January 28, 2011

10 Things That Make You Laugh

The sun is shining brilliantly and what a better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee and a few things that make us laugh. Here's 10 things that are bringing giggles out today.

1.) The Tazmanian Cutie (my nephew) who uses his toy drill on the computer when we skype. The poor thing is going to break tonight I can feel it!

2.) The Man at the Gym who wears a Rocky Bandana and changes machines every 5 minutes, I think he’s trying to find his very own Denise Austin

3.) Dogs wrapping themselves with their leashes around their owners on the streets
or at parks

4.) People singing in the car without any passengers
(American Idol Look out!)

5.)People who have to dress in costume promoting their business.
I.E. Chicken in a Basket. Tasty

6.) Whenever News Reporters miss a line and get awkward on camera, instant laughing success

7.) Japanese contest TV shows

8.) David Hasselhoff Hands Free Soap Dispensers-they are out there

9.) Gossip leading to catfights on reality TV

10.) Tripping and falling, but it’s the look we all get when you are on the ground and slowly start to get back up. Priceless

And you? Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. #6 reminded me of a CRAZY episode of a local talk show that totally made me laugh until I cry! If you get a chance, go on you tube and search Alexis on Eight West. You MUST watch until the end when the meteorologist comes on....seriously, tears!

  2. @Sandy: Oh my gosh!! Electro synpop-geeks of the universe unite. I LOVE THIS, and about died at the end. Grand Rapids watchout!

  3. How do I not know about David Hasselhoff Hands Free Soap Dispensers??? WTH?! Also, how are they not big over here in Germany, don't they love him here??? :) Happy Friday!

  4. @Texa:They've got to be at the dingiest pubs ever in Germany..or strip joints...start stalking them out and get back! Imagine getting soap from the Hoff's manly bits.

  5. I like No. 6 too.

    And gossip that leads to drama on reality TV is totally hilarious. Miscommunication too.

    Exhibit A: Camille and Kyle on RHOBH
    Exhibit B: Taylor and Kim on RHOBH
    Exchibit C: Two of the crazy girls on Bad Girls Club (they all think one of the girls said she was prettier than them when she didn't)

    Oh I could go on but then you'd know how much reality TV I watch and you might not be my bloggy friend anymore.

  6. @HW:Girl RHOBH is televised crack, the best! Camille is delusional and crazy. Haha, being a reality tv junkie is not so bad...reality as in good crazy bitch reality tv, how can you not watch it?

  7. Lol - I love this list! I sure need to do this :)