Sunday, January 9, 2011

Challenge: Week 2

I am not going to lie, this was a roller coaster week and I am happy to report it is OVER!! Emotionally, it was difficult and for many of the days I used that stress or boiled over anger and put it to use in better outlets. Cardio, weights and meditation were what made each day that much more positive.

For this challenge, I purposefully did not weigh myself. For one, I hate numbers. They stress me out, negate my thought process and are more intimidating than exercise. Instead, I go by how I feel and the measurements of my body. I know there are numbers on the measurements but to me pounds are not a motivator and are an easy out for self sabotage. The tape measurements will be taken every 4 weeks in these areas:

Across the breasts
Around the widest part of upper arm
Across waist at belly button level
Across widest part of abdomen
Around widest part of bum
Around widest part of thigh
Around middle of calf

While I don’t expect to see major physical results until about the eighth or ninth week if continuing at this rate (any day before this would be greatly appreciated!!), I am feeling a huge increase in energy levels.

During the first week, I was getting into the gym in or around 8:30am non-cardio days. This week I got to the gym by 6:30am. Not only are there no crazy people to deal with in the club zone (weights area) but my internal clock has gotten amped about something and is waking itself up in the 5’oclock range.

Which, I don’t know about anyone else but 5am is insanely early.

So please, (body I am talking to you) refrain from the electrical charge you send through at that time and keep resting for another hour!

Okay, I lied. I am seeing results and this is a tad depressing…the first thing to go from this body of mine. The ever shrinking breasts. I am not top heavy and love my average size and this part of being a woman but sure enough they are the first to “downsize.” Sad sad sad. JLo booty can go, breasts I would like to keep please. Maybe I should start carrying kleenex in every handbag!

Cardio this week was a slow go at first. Awhile back I was preparing for a marathon and blew out a knee half way through the training. It was awful, I cried a lot and an orthopedic specialist gave some of the worst news of my physical life. No more running. I was dead set on spin classes for the entire week but after one, my knee shouted out against the classes. It was time to get creative.

Knowing that the stairmaster was an automatic out, I moved to the treadmill and did splits. They were very annoying, it’s geektastic, but you get the job done. Basically, at an incline and a higher speed (just under a jog) walk forward and switch it out to walk sideways/backwards. I shuffled as much as the knee would permit. Repeat: Geektastic.

It might be time to break loose and buy a swimsuit. There is a pool with lanes and laps might be something to think about for another upcoming cardio set. I’m not quite sold on this yet but the idea is brewing.

For the strength training section: This week was all about bootcamp, a la circuit training. What is so great about having circuits is that your body does not have time to adjust and get used to what is being thrown at it. Kickbacks to mountain climbers, you’re in constant go mode. Plus you’re using your own natural weight for several intervals. At home friendly!

For the foods: Wine shmine. We’ve made it this far and still going strong. No, we are not really all that strong, it’s officially day 14 sans alcohol. I don’t crave sweets or foods for that matter. Wine is the primo crave factor. What in the world, I’m not even a big drinker but I cook with it and DO NOT trust myself to have an open bottle in the refridge. Plus, I am going to a cocktail party on Tuesday where there will be heavy temptations, i.e. Wine. Ugh, I need a sponsor.

Favorite core exercises for this week

Walking push ups:

Start in a plank position on elbows and toes, body in 1 line. Push yourself up to your right hand, then left. Lower yourself to your right elbow and then the left elbow. Repeat switching lead arms halfway through the set. Do eight to 12 reps. Add intensity by lifting one leg off of the floor and hold as you do this. Switch legs halfway through the set.

Side lying triangle w/stability ball

Lie on your right side w/a stability ball between your legs by your ankles. Hips stacked on top of each other and right elbow on the floor. Push yourself up to your right hand and hold. Lift your left arm so it’s in lie w/your left shoulder. Return to start and repeat. 12 reps. (Just like side T side plank reach overs)

Lesson learned this week

Mind over matter went far this week and I feel blessed and proud that I was able to overcome a lot of emotions and incorporate it into what was important for right then in that moment. Basically in a nutshell, YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Good luck with all of the training! You will do amazing! One day at a time! Woohoo!! :-)

  2. Loving it! It feels good being settled back into a routine of sorts.

    Yay for healthy bodies!