Sunday, January 23, 2011

Challenge: Week 4-Measurements

Knowing that measurements were “due” by the weekend, I made an extra effort in pushing that much harder this week to get the fullest endorphin rush. Adding a few more minutes during cardio when intensity levels were booming, adding an extra set for the core conditioning and of course finding love with yoga and pilates to calm things down and stay in a relaxed frame of mind.

With all of this activity, I feel the confidence in my shaping body which is only building motivation to keep getting into the workouts each day. And so for the first section of the Challenge it is time for the report card.

….and the results for the first four weeks are…

Three words to describe this moment: Shocked, Elated and Excited

For the past four weeks I have been making myself accountable for everything that goes into my body and how I counteract and fight this massive battle with the bulge. It has been a constant fight to maintain a sort of zone-like mentality that is motivated and focused to a degree but not to the point of over doing exercises.

I knew that my mid-section was down, I have noticed the indent curving in (praise jesus!!!) above my hips. It’s natural, it is beautiful. It is an ass kicker and I know what I have to do to make that indent slope even further and the work that is going to be put into it to make it happen.

This is only the fourth week, there’s still eight to go. The results are wonderful and I will continue to use this excitement and push it into next week’s workout. I did not take that mission statement lightly and while yes the challenge is transforming my body in the physical form, it’s also a journey through strength, will and reclaiming my sense of being.

A rich way of reaching an unflappable happiness that vibrates deep within and radiates outward.

For cardio: I fluxuated between the treadmill splits and spinning. With all of the strength conditioning my knee was feeling confident enough to hold up to the increased levels and a few classes that I partook in.

For strength: It was back to bootcamp and interval training. Circuits really are my method of choice because it is fast paced and you are constantly in motion. There is never time to get bored and when and if you do, you are moving on to the next set.

For food: It is that time of the month where I am beginning to crave foods, damn mother nature. I picked up some chocolate pudding mix and tried to ease the raging sweet tooth that screamed all week long which seemed to work. It’s low-cal and muy delicioso. The rest of the week was routine and planned out. Chicken has worked itself back into the refridge and has a permanent home there.

I actually think that this week I may partake in a cleanser of sorts to remove any toxins that may still be rummaging their way through out my body. I was reading a book about cleansing your mind, body and soul this week and think now is as good of time as any to rid this body of anything negative.

On a side note, I was in one of the many interviews this week and one of the receptionists complimented me on my physique. This is not something I am bragging about nor gloating because I am not that type of person but it was an odd compliment.

It wasn’t the most expected compliment received this week that is for sure, and I know she meant well by it and I need to take it positively but it struck a chord. She had said that my body looked great and asked if I was training for a competition.

At first I was mortified because A. I want to slenderize (which as per the results I am) and B. Do not want to look like I am a muscle bender. Which as per the results, my boobs are shrinking and my arms and thighs not so much. (Le Sigh)

And it is in this moment that can cause self sabotage. She said a compliment and that is exactly what I will and did accept. I may not have the body of a supermodel, an upper crust socialite or beach beauty but this is me.

I am thankful first and foremost for being alive, having a body that is functioning on healthy levels and love every single ounce inside and out.

Because THIS is ME.

Favorite Exercises this Week

Lesson Learned this week

It is through belief that you can achieve. Take a deep breath and remember to love your body, love your life and most importantly love the knowledge that you can.


  1. Found you on 20sb, love the blog! Definitely going through the same stuff with working out and dieting. I'll be following for motivation!

  2. @Emily: Welcome. Check out the "Challenge" tab, I'm tracking the 12 week program and including extras along the way. Good luck with your goals too!

  3. way to go! so awesome. I love the lesson of the week :)

  4. Congrats on the exciting results.

    I came over from blogfrog, and am definitely a little inspired. Love that lesson of the week.

  5. @Rachy: It has been a wild ride that's for sure. I keep things positive so the rump doesn't win!

  6. Wow! Great job!

    I'm a new GFC follower from Magical Monday hop.


  7. @CarliAlice:Welcome and thanks! 8 more weeks to go..should be fun right!?!

  8. WOW Congrats! I too am trying to loose weight and know what you are going through. What a great lesson learned, definitely inspiring! Found you through FTLOB and can't wait to read more! Keep up the good work sista! xo

  9. Stopping by on the hop to follow you. Well done on the measurements! I'm at Have a great day! Shah.X

  10. @Kelsey: All of the swearing,sweating and feeling crummy paid off...for the first 4 weeks!! Happy Monday.

    @Shah: Thanks! I'm checking out your blog now!