Friday, January 14, 2011

Entering a woman’s closet is another entrance to her soul

I am not a fashionista though sometimes I would like to think that my style is apparent and some trends I do follow. I take pride in dressing up and dressing down for that matter.

Walking into my closet this morning trying to figure out what to wear, I started touching each of the pieces hanging up.

Remembering where each had come from, when they were purchased and why they hold a spot on the racks.

For a very long time I never allowed myself the simple pleasure of picking up a new pair of shiny shoes, a flattering dress or a sweater that was snug and fit perfectly.

For some reason, it just wasn’t important. There was always something else that needed to be paid for, someone else that needed to be taken care of. I wasn’t important.

Someone very close said recently, you are what you wear. I never put any emphasis into this because I am not a materialistic person. I am perfectly content with simple things but still take time to appreciate the finer things whenever they are introduced.

I can remember a time (not that long ago but definitely before the walk in closet!) where I only had a single pair of heels that I would walk two miles home in each day, barely enough dress clothes to get through two weeks of work before having to do a repeat performance.

I was un-happy. I was not placing the importance on myself. It wasn’t as though certain items couldn’t be afforded it just wasn’t a major priority.

With the silky salmon blouse, the patterned blue chiffon dress and the rows of heels I still cannot believe that all what fills my closet truly is me. It smells of peace and a freshness that can only be achieved when you are in that place. That place of greatness, a closet.

It is an entrance to my world. It is not a fashion statement. It is not a budget buster. It is simply me.

Me to a T.

There is warmth and comfort in all that is found in that closet and I embrace it with love and acceptance. Inside is the strength of body, sense of protection and a vision of being steadfast. It is not just clothing but is taking value in your life, appreciating everything that you have, that you are involved with, that you are and what you can be.

Take a minute and appreciate what you have and all that you can have and know that you will have it.

PS…it’s Friday so have a fantastic day!

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