Sunday, January 2, 2011

Challenge: Week 1

One down, eleven weeks to go.

The idea for this challenge at first seemed daunting. The mere thought of taking on another project to worry about, giving up certain favorites for the next few months all for easing into an age seems extremely self absorbed, shallow and stupid. The three S’s for sexified.

This week, with it being the initial start it became clear that this challenge or more so “journey” is dedicated to vitality and a healthy way of life so it’s everything opposite of the three S’s.

Like anything during the beginning, whether it be a program, a class, a relationship. Sheer optimism and excitement over the prospect of doing something new and different makes us want to push forward at a charging pace.

On Monday, I learned very quickly at the gym that the weight zone…was the club zone.


The gym I go to is basically a pick up joint, or a place to be seen. It’s unbelievable to see women wearing pounds of makeup and the guys blocking your view in front of the mirrors because they’re checking their pecs. Urgh!

No offense guys and dolls but I’m all about sweating like a dirty hot man, so mind the view and bugger off.

It was more than annoying to be lifting weights or doing lunges and have someone come over and stand in front bursting your personal bubble. Um, okay? By the third time I said something. The guys were back the next day for weights. There is absolutely no code of gym etiquette which caused some frustration for the strength training days (M,W,F).

By Friday, I changed the times of heading out to the gym and blocked everything out to focus on what was important.

Kicking this challenge’s ass!

I also realized that being on an elliptical in front of a mirror, just isn’t gonna fly. Thankfully there is a set of machines by a window so I plan to take up residency in a couple of weeks there, next week we’re shifting gears in cardio and spin classes are looking mighty tempting.

In starting off the week with food, the only parts that I struggled with was incorporating lunch into the meal plan and remembering to log everything down. On a daily basis, I am pretty good about keeping a structured diet (except for wine and dealing w/a raging sweet tooth). Sadly, tears were about shed when tossing the almond cake that had been baked for Christmas and then having to move a bottle of wine from the counter to a cupboard.

11 more weeks….11 more weeks!!

No matter what anyone says I am in NO WAY giving up coffee. I will fuel up on extra water and pee every three seconds so long as I can get a caffeine fix. Giving up wine is one thing, but giving up coffee is like forgetting what my name is. Forget about it!

Favorite exercises this week:
Incline barbell chest press

One-leg standing calf raise

Lesson learned this week: It might actually be okay to bitch sometimes and still stay within the perimeters of the mission statement. Can I utilize the soreness and channel it into an inner Carrie gym scene circa 1976 to shush the crazies and their tacky gym antics should it burst the bubble?

Tomorrow starts a new week, are you ready for it?

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