Sunday, January 16, 2011

Challenge: Week 3

“No you do not work out your core. You are totally arm heavy. You are all bi’s and tri’s and everything else is fat and ribs.”

If you like this type of humor, then catch up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Love me some Dennis!

Back to the challenge. This week, I was all over the map. Up and at the gym at six, out by eight or back in by nightfall. The week was scattered with a few outings and days where I did not feel motivated to crack the whip on the exercise horse. But of course, I did.

Tuesday was the wine night, and yes I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. Which went straight to my head, literally. I planned out the day so I could add the extra calories and went in that night a little less full and immediately regretted feeling the buzz. That’s a slight lie, the warm haze was nice but swift and immediate so I started looking out for some nosh to nibble on.

The night out was fun but I will say that being surrounded by that many women filled my mind with an overload of chatter and emotions, I miss having a ladies’ night and am looking forward to the next one. For some reason I left feeling deflated and a little unsure about ME because of all of the crazy and convoluted converstions that were going on. Not all crazy but some of them made me question what I was doing and where I am at today.

It’s strange to have even had a faltering in my mind because of the influence of other people and I don’t like it but that’s what happened so I took Wednesday off to really consider what is going on upstairs. Trying to figure out what I could do to get back into the swing of things.

How M got her groove back.

I drank coffee. I watched a bunch of really crappy tv shows and got caught up on Million dollar Matchmaker. After one too many hours of loafing it around, I got my bum off of the couch and did some pilates. It was refreshing. This little funk was the residual of the other women, it wasn’t me. I told myself this repeatedly until it finally sunk in late that night.

By Thursday I got back into the structured mode and decided that regardless of how I am feeling, I will get to the gym or outside for a fast paced walk along the river. Either way I’ll let those moments pass by without taking hold of me. Inhale and exhale. Breathe and release!

For the cardio: I stuck it out with the elliptical and treadmill this week. I have been closely watching the classes taking place and they are JAM packed so I’ll try again this coming week if I can get into a couple but will work on something to keep the heart rate moving either way. Swimsuit here we come!

For the strength: It’s a new year at the gym which means, there are a lot of New Years Resolution folks. A lot of people in the weights area. Even at 6:30am, but I’ve found that people are genuinely nice about the benches so I go as quickly as my body allows and make my way for extra cardio. That and several of the same people have begun working out next to me so I need to remember to get out of the zone for a minute and say good morning!

For food: I already mentioned the break this week for the wine and I feel good about it. Not to say oh lets have wine every night. If you want it, go for it. It’s all about moderation so just take it easy and push a little harder the next day during the workout.

I can’t even believe three weeks are completed. My body is feeling amazing each and every single day. From here until the end of this challenge, in order to keep the positivity flowing, I’m going to be doing pilates or yoga twice during the week on top of everything. My body needs this sort of change, this soothing calm that is technically working out but making the muscles more languid.

Favorite Exercises this Week

Shoots, sad to report there aren't any favorite exercises this week (rotation and no motivation mode), but if you need any send an email and I’ll shoot some your way! Buuuuut I do have a treat...

Lesson learned this week

Listen to your body, listen to yourself and don’t self hate. No matter what there will always be temptation and you can have certain things in moderation. But by giving into self hate, you are already being defeated. You are strong, beautiful and amazing! ALWAYS

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