Thursday, January 13, 2011

My manfriend is a just a click away (along with 995 others!)

It is official, I have signed up for an online dating service. Okay, not just now but a week ago after the whole incident that seemed to wreak like month old garbage.

After hearing countless people say the same things over the past few months and then sitting down with the housewives sorority the other night. I decided I’m going to get serious about dating and stop mocking this process.

Last year was a complete fluke in character and I will admit that I was no prude and fully partook in the spinster lifestyle. When you’re working with a hot surgeon and around firefighters in the parks (if you've got a FF in your family it's instant success), um yes you would too!

It’s true, my methods have not been working so why not try something a little different. Even if it isn’t all that natural and purely electronic. My mind is thinking of something else entirely. Dirty minds, yours was too!

Since meeting new people randomly out and about getting coffee, in the gym (hmm) or out at a park or walking path I have noticed that these little meetings have only lead to little meetings.

Random dates, one night only dates. Of course some of them have turned into something else, a few scattered dates but nothing that pulls you directly where you are super amped and giddy.

Keeping a positive frame of mind, not allowing silly insecurities (its online Morgs, ONLINE, you don’t see these guys) I’m pushing the balls to the wall and going to get my outgoing self online.

Ugh, I shudder but….STAYING POSITIVE!

Lots of people meet online, I have friends who are married from meeting online or are living together. Why am I making this such a big deal?

Because for some reason I feel like I’m pushing bad karma into the universe by not having faith in what’s out there. This is the free spirit in me talking, and sometimes I want to wrap a scarf around that bohemian mentality and say shut the hell up and go sip on some tea in the grass!

I’m not bohemian, far from if I’m having wine nights with the ladies. But they got me thinking about my whole approach.

I’m not looking for a soul mate. I’m looking for Mr. Right Now, Mr. I can call you when I want to, Mr. you can call me when you want to (and I will answer WHEN I want to), Mr. You are too cute for words right now.

This is about meeting people, so that is how I’m going to go about it.
Networking and if there's more involved, right on. Only minus the spinster bit because that is seriously so 2010!

Anyways, I’m off to go and collect some coffee and head out for a walk along the river...and venture online.

What's your take on online dating. Positives, negatives? The dirrty dirrty and the greatness? Would you do it or have you done it?


  1. I met my hubby on! GOOD LUCK!! and go on dates where you know the area well. and tell someone where you're going and when ...just in case. my cousin came on our 1st date..

    my cousin sat hidden at the bar area in the resturant. he never came over. so my hubby never cousin was just case. lol..made me feel better.

    that was 5 years ago!

  2. I met my boyfriend on We've been together for over 5 years, have a house and two dogs (and two cats, but they came with me) and a great life.

    The only thing I can suggest is have fun! Have fun with the entire process. It's so exciting getting to know someone new, so have a blast!

  3. Wow, two for two!

    Jill-I wish I lived near some friends because I know they would love to be a fly on the wall or on the lookout.

    Kimberly-Thanks for the encouragement! You get in a rut and forget that dating actually can be fun and such an easy way of meeting new people.

    Several people are sending out IMs, kinda scaring the piss out of me..that's a tad quick for my liking. But I'm sending out notes left and right.

  4. Oooh! This is exciting! I have a girlfriend in Oregon who is a single, working mom. She's a busy gal so she does a little online dating. So far she hasn't met 'the one' yet but she has gone on some very interesting dates! Can't wait to hear all about yours!