Monday, January 10, 2011

CHALLENGE: Week 3 Playlist

Are you in the groove yet? (btw……Wii Fit does too count!!) Here is another set of songs to get your blood pumping-hopefully! Does your music player feel used, abused and overplayed yet? Mine is getting used to the Ke$ha repeats. Got to love the trashy popstar and her unladylike lyrics!

Warm Up:
Public Service Announcement~The Bravery
Dominoes~The Big Pink

Cardio HIIT:
F**kin’ Perfect~Pink
I Love You So Scream-remix~Cassius
Grow a Pear~Ke$ha
Hello~Martin Solveig
Get me Bodied-Timbaland Remix~Beyonce
Don’t like the Drugs~Marilyn Manson (eek, I blame the liking of this song on a certain Italian..isn’t that terrible!)
Homecoming~Kanye West
Rebel Rebel~David Bowie

Cool Down:
When you’re Dreaming w/a Broken Heart~John Mayer
Portland, Oregon~Loretta Lynne ft. Jack White


  1. great playlist! now i have to visit! I just started an exercise routine 3 days ago. already noticed more energy :) first time working out in about 5 years..yikes!

  2. Way to go Jill!! It's tough adding an extra 30 minutes to your probably super busy schedule, especially with a little one.

    If it weren't for music I'd seriously have zero motivation to get out the door.

  3. WEEK 3!! Can you believe it?? A YOU GO GIRL is in order lol

  4. Fist pumping all the way! When your boobs start pulling the disappearing act you know you're way past the first day!! 3 weeks baby and going strong.

  5. Hi, found you through 20sb. I'm excited to read about your journey. I'm now following you

  6. Yay Meg O! I am looooving your blog and am now your most recent follower.

    The Conan picture is ace!