Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Soaking it up in the form of liquefied valium

With all of this movement on my poor and pliant body, I have taken up an intense love affair with bubble baths. There is nothing more luxurious than slinking every limb into a bath filled with hot water. The beaches in the South of France are equally as luxurious but for the sake of argument, this is about the bath.

This coming from a woman who hated baths for much of her lifetime. Thankfully that came to an abrupt end with a stay at a local B&B. The bath was the size of a studio flat (not really but it was very deep and oh so sexy) with the water pouring into it from the ceiling. A Japanese oasis spa experience in the middle of peninsula nowhere-land.

Talk about absolute bliss and a cherry popper for reclaiming bath devotion.

For some reason I had not even touched the bath in the new place and decided it was well in need for a good breaking in. For a long time I’ve held Sundays on reserve for “days of luxury” as an ex-boyfriend used to call them.

On those days, I’d make a pot of coffee, stay in pj’s all day and pretty much get comfortable on the couch with crappy made for TV movies ( Lifetime is televised crack). At some point during the day the nail vanish came out, fingers and toes got done up and a mask went on. Pure luxury. This little tradition has been tampered down slightly and things are done infrequently.

Hence the solo date with Prince Liquid Valium. No nail painting this time.

Lights off. Candles lit. Bubbles set. It was on.

For my achy body!

How long did I stay in the water, this I could not say. It was like slipping a valium and being swept away into the sweet valley of relaxation. Without the influence of a one aforementioned substance.

I love simple joys like taking a bath and how great it makes you feel. Your body feels fantastic afterwards, you are completely overheated and for a short while your mind is free from all of the clutter that filled it earlier.

My closest friend sent a moisturizer from London at Christmas which was perfect timing in testing it out.

Pick it up! Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter is a nice after bath/shower addition. The scent is faint and the texture is just the right amount of cream vs oil. The creamy shea butter soaks into damp skin leaving you silky soft for an entire day. Big plus, it’s affordable and caps out at under $20.

Target used to sell Soap & Glory products but I think there are troubles with distribution. I know Boots does in the U.K. If anything it’s on ASOS.

Enough rambling about baths and promoting products that I clearly do not know where they are sold, the day awaits.

Have a very Happy Tuesday.


  1. Oh man in a bath tub like that I would become a tub soaker myself. I simply can't get comfortable in dirty used apartment tubs no matter how many times I scrub it down. *Note to self* install huge tub like the one picture on your blog when hubs and I buy a house* Love it!

    Mrs. Bee

  2. Mrs. Bee:You have no idea, it was AMAZING! I swear it had to have been at least 4 ft deep.

    I'm with you on icky dirty used ones, my last apartment had a lime green tub. Gross, plus it was mold infested. Definitely find one where you AND your hubs can fit together. Date night in!!

  3. I have tried this product! It's great ... I found it at Target but I have noticed that they've scaled back. Not sure why. Looooooooooooooove it! I also love just straight baby oil. I put it on in the shower so it's not so intensely oily. Stays with me alllll day long!