Monday, January 24, 2011

A Silver Couch, Chocolate Chip Meringues And An Idea

There are days where you want to stay inside, curl up in your zebra printed snuggie and then there are days where you want to bust loose out of the house because cabin fever has taken its hold of you.

It’s cold. Freezing cold. And while I love nothing better than to go out for long walks, when the wind chill is a biting negative something a-rother I shy away and head for the treadmill. Or lets face it. The couch.

The other day, in desperate need to get out I stumbled into my friend’s boutique and spent hours getting lost in the mass sea of clothing, the lovely smells of scented oils and good ol’ fashioned chatter.

We got to talking and a bunch of others came in and joined us while we sat on her silver couch munching on chocolate chip meringues. Just at the point where you are comfortable and want to sprawl out, I got hit with a potential opportunity to join something very fresh and new, something innovative and necessary in times like these.

For a little bit, my friend clued me in on the fundamentals of her business prospect and asked if I would be willing to take a risk and join her on this sort of venture that sounds pretty amazing. It is dealing with the public in a formal sense where I would be writing (yes yes YES) but would need to get licensed in an area I know nothing about. Oye!

So here’s the question that gets posed and seems ridiculous to ask out loud but curiosity killed the cat.

Do you research something that is completely fresh and new or do you jump in trusting this person who has years of experience in the field (and many more) and has a year-long plan already in place?

I’ve already put off getting a masters degree one year because of the economy, is it worth it to put it off another year?

I’m all for making crazy and rash decisions..I did pack up and move far far away from everyone and anyone I have ever known..twice in two years. That and what else am I doing right now? If this gets me out networking well then what’s the problem right?

So I’m weighing my options, still sending out resumes and like buying a swimsuit this idea is brewing.

On a totally different side note. Many many thanks to both Runaway Bride at the Chronicles of an Arranged Indian Marriage and Ashley at "Delightful,yet...?" for giving lots of love to this blondie!

Ashley-I can’t wait to see how Mr. Thursday Night is! RB…you are a brave woman I would flee the country or at least my family if they ever tried to arrange anything for me! It's bad it enough when my mother will say on the phone.."but he's so clean M, you'll like him." Fail.

Until the next post….


  1. I teeter totter too between being rash and being logical. I think in this case, trust your gut. If you think something is 'off' or it is telling you to pursue something else at the moment, maybe your friend will gladly take you as a business partner in a year or two. You'll find the right answer :)

  2. @Texa: My gut without knowing any of the specifics is saying "pyramid" but....the closet would fill up with really trendy and cute clothes! That's where the teetering starts. I'll see what she says when I see her tomorrow.