Thursday, January 20, 2011

“Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me as after I win them over with my personality.”

In getting into the specifics of a first date with a new man, please bear with me and my overly kindhearted antics. I’m a tad apprehensive in exploiting Romeo #994 and I will do so as genuinely as possible. But. Well. Shoot.

I am not going to lie. I danced around my flat wearing boy pants and a bra the other night getting ready for the date. Why the trouble? Because it felt damn good.

Damn good in the sense that I felt completely liberated all for the sake of going on a date after a drought. No longer feeling self conscious after the whole sorority debacle, stranger ex bullshit and dropping a dead friend. No thank you, this is all about staying calm and moving forward. Enjoying the moment, of course in the process of getting ready there were several phone calls out to certain friends for opinions on which outfit to wear, which wasn’t appropriate, which looked too toned down even for me.

FRIEND 1:Don’t wear a cardigan Morgs, it’s a no go. You’re telling him no sex until you get your Masters.

ME: But I like cardigans and it would look nice with the dress (to both of them, different calls)

FRIEND 2: You stole it from my grandma at her garage sale, ditch it!

Availability, honesty and utter bitchiness. I love good friends!

Mind you, this drought really wasn’t all that long. The disappearing act was a massive fluke and very much part of last year, but I have accepted that a woman has needs and that not so good morning wakeup call is what it is.

This Romeo; the man is a firecracker, he is genuine and sweet and I am slightly on the smitten side.

We went out on Monday night, I had a busy day filled with interviews the next day. Let’s take a moment to give many thanks to the economy for opening up the job market because this woman needs to get productive. My phone was tickled the day after, mid-day in between two interviews. The tickle was from a one and only Romeo #994.

A little about Romeo #994: They guy is basically Captain America with the locale of the greater Mid West. He has a great job that he is passionate about and does a lot of helping other people throughout the community (he says he is duty bound). Duty bound for what purposes, he wouldn’t say so this has me not only intrigued but sparked a little flag to pay extra attention to his moves. He’s my age (which is a first for me to date someone in the same age range). He’s brilliant but not egotistical or condescending about his intelligence. He’s extremely outgoing and very witty saying things that caught me off guard and of course did not come across in any of our little emails. His laugh is completely infectious and he has soft brown eyes. And did I mention that he is an active busy body and highly athletic.

Can you hear me swooning? Well I am, and I need to shut this off immediately because I cannot be that googly-eyed girl. This needs to be weighed out, gone out for more than a single solid date. But. Well. Shoot.

We met up for coffee in the late afternoon, almost evening and rather than stay inside of the coffee shop (which was none other than a typical Starbucks) we took the drink outside for a less intimidating approach to this date. Or to get away from the other people? I’ll leave that up for discussion.

We were getting along, laughing a lot, never a dull moment in the conversation until I pulled a rather and should have been expected M moment.

This is so quintessential; it screams something that would happen to only me. And to which for this night, it did happen to me at the most inopportune time. A morganism.

While walking across the street, my boot got caught on a piece of ice/slush whatever it was and the next thing I knew I was reaching out for whatever I could get my hands on but eventually fell to the ground. In the slush. Dirtying but thankfully not ripping the leggings as my jacket got the best of the roadside weather roundup.

Nice. Covered in slush. All I could do was right myself and look up into his face and laugh nervously. Embarrassed beyond any words could ever describe. Now this is why I am swooning, he didn’t even laugh at me, he laughed with me. Helped brush off the gunk on my jacket and offered to fall down himself so that he was covered in ice/slush just so I wasn’t alone.

We walked around for a while after that and eventually called it a night. Overall, it turned out to be an easy and fun date and definitely one that goes down in the “this would only happen to M books.”

For the text afterward, it was very simple: Had fun last night, I’m bored today because of it. Can you keep me company during a break?

Don’t worry, I responded. We are going to be getting together this weekend. Where there will not just be coffee and a walk in the snow. Where this will go, who knows.

What I do know and what I can tell you is that the other night was exciting, refreshing and easing the discomfort of online dating because we're just people. Meeting.

You learn a lot about yourself in the face of new people or even people you have known for ages. I have a sneaky feeling that this dating game is going to teach a lot to me about those quirky things I do and definitely make me more aware of every single action I do. Especially if they include tripping.

It is an exciting way to coach my way through becoming a better person, a better communicator and who knows maybe even meet someone great in that process.


  1. I am soooo glad that I blog hopped over to your page from FTLOB. You are a great writer, and your stories are so well written and funny. This Romeo #994 sounds like a pretty good one, might want to keep him around for a while ;) And oh yeah, its not just you, I always managed to do something so clumsy and stupid on the first dates as well. Hey, if they can't like you for that, then ditch em, right!?
    And for lack of sounding TOTALLY cliche, I am your newest follower. Yuck, I hate when people just write that on my blog, but for yours, it's true. Happy Friday!

  2. What's a date? I don't remember...kidding. I am so very happy to have found your blog this morning. I had a bit of a chuckle at the falling down in the slush bit. People like when you can laugh at yourself. My favorite part of this post is the telephone calls to the friends.. I felt like I was there watching. Happy Friday!

  3. You're braver than me! I'm not sure I could ever go on a date again. I am married, but even if I wasn't I'd rather stay single! I hope you have a lovely weekend and things work out just how you want them to.

    Found you via Friday blog hop.
    CJ xx

  4. Thanks for taking a peek at the crazy dating train!

    Texa-Clumsy is cute,no? I'm meeting up with #994 tomorrow night for some cocktails and nosh. Ha! I'm your next follower as well.

    No.7-If you could only hear the ranting during the phone calls...those were only snippets of what they were saying. Terrible and trashy! Bless them.

    Crystal-Brave or brazen, we'll find out soon enough!

  5. That is so wonderful that you and Romeo #994 had a good time and that he offered to get slushy with you. haha. I hope he sticks around for a while. If he has a brother or cousin, send em my way! ;-)

    P.S. Check out my blog, I have a surprise for you over there! :-)

  6. Awww he sounds like a doll. At least when you fell you didn't reach out and grab his boy parts to stop your fall. That might have added a bit more embarrassment to the moment. *lol*

  7. Following from Storytellers Blog Hop. Happy Friday!

    A Ladybug's Life

  8. @Bernie:I should have grabbed his junk, it would have been priceless and sooo something I'd do :)You know, I still talk to him every once in a while and we've met up a couple of times since...we'll see!

    @Brownbugz:yay! I love that hoppity hop! have a great weekend.

    As soon as I'm home I'm going to hop on over to both ya's!

  9. This was the first post I read of yours!!! Loved that you linked it up. And really loved that you joined the hop :) I hope you are having a good weekend, and I owe you an email ;)