Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little things that make a smile contagious

With everything that has been taking place over the course of this week thus far, I was in need of some serious therapy. Whether that be going out for a walk to clear my mind and meditate or actually (gasp) do something out of the ordinary and treat myself to a much needed reward.

A reward sounds absurd but, for the sake of today, this week and everything else that is what I’m going with.

I phoned up my aesthetician and decided that it was time for a follow up appointment. If anything, I can at least make myself feel somewhat attractive and desirable despite whatever else is going on right?


So I’m in her little office, filled with the serenity of the quiet and candle filled calm. The light sounds of music playing in the background. And for the entire hour got lost in conversation with my Bulgarian aesthetician.

I got the full rundown of her adventures in the Virgin Islands and spending an entire day in a police station because of a bizarre taxi accident, she asked how I was doing with meeting people and whether I flew back for the holidays and then we got to talking about dating.

Because this is on my brain and obviously hers as well.

The longer we talked, the more I couldn’t scrap the thought that her issue with her ex-husband completely mirrored the issue with the stranger ex. It was all too surreal and of course I told her this but it made me really think about how the universe works.

Sometimes, and this is a stretch. But sometimes I think that there are certain things that we manifest in thought and is brought right in front of us for the taking.

Take this appointment for example. I do not know this woman outside of her being a certified professional and yet she and I both are experiencing almost identical dilemmas and we were in her small office together for an entire hour.

Universe or not, you can’t deny the inner workings here.

Walking out of the appointment, I felt rejuvenated and as crazy as this sounds. More like myself. For the past few months I have waivered from feeling okay to saying I feel okay and not really allowing the reality to register that there was ever a faltering in my emotions.

Today, sitting with my Bulgarian lady something snapped inside and it was like an inner voice telling me that everything is what you make of it and that this is just a part of life. There is so much happening all around that I cannot allow something to take reign on me and control how I feel. If I do, then only allow it for a short period of time and then let it go. Life is happening and moving like a carousel, it’s time to give the usher my ticket and claim a spot on the ride.

It’s fundamental and of course I already know all of this but it is easy to become blind to a situation, a numbing of emotion, etc. Being around someone and seeing how they are getting through whatever it is they must to survive puts everything into light.

At the end of the appointment, we chatted for longer and I ended up walking out wearing a huge smile. Who knows how and where you meet people and how they may affect your life. It’s funny that way, but for some reason I was meant to be in that room today having that conversation with the aesthetician, who for this little piece was transformed into a counselor of sorts.

Only she carries an electrical wand to close up your pores with. It’s nothing magical by any means. Oh but you know what I mean.


  1. I am so happy that you had this experience today. Sometimes just knowing that we're not alone in our situation is a huge relief. No way to explain it- I would call it an act of God saying "Don't sweat it- other people are surviving it- here's proof you will come out of it as well" but I don't know what your religious beliefs are so maybe it's just the universe telling you that. Either way I'm thrilled you were able to smile today and relax. and who doesn't enjoy a bit of pampering. My mom used to tell me if I look good on the outside usually it'll help me feel better on the inside- so far she hasn't been wrong :) Take care sweetie

  2. Mrs. Bee-Thanks! It really was something else whether it be God or the Universe opening up yesterday. Strange and definitely embraced warmly that is for sure!

    Your Mom sounds like a smart cookie!! I'll keep that one for whenever a "pick me up" is needed.